‘End Of Days’ In-Game Event for TSW

End of DaysFuncom have just posted a developer blog post detailing the in-game events for the ‘End Of Days‘ fun occurring at the moment.

There are going to be three Harbingers spawning in-game that will require some teamwork to bring down:

The Mayans called this Age’s Harbinger Bolon Yokte’ K’uh. The Mayans envisioned this as an anthropomorphic “God of Nine Destructions”. This may have simply been a way to cope with the incomprehensible. We’ve gone all the way with the “big dude with attitude” interpretation, and he’ll be a boss fight available for a limited time at two different difficulties in a corrupted El Dorado, run amok with blood sacrifices and dark storms.

Sounds like a bit of fun! There’s a contest running for players who knock over a bunch of Harbingers alongside El Dorado and the odd zombie, with the prizes being a unique pet and title.

Will you be going for the prize?