Start Your End of World Missions

TSW End of WorldAs we reported last week, The Secret World’s Alternate Reality ‘End of Days’ game is coming on December 21st. In the lead-up the fun’s already started, with two missions released to date. It doesn’t matter if you own TSW or not, although if you don’t own it you won’t be able to claim your in-game prizes.

Having done both missions so far I have to say it’s a lot of fun and the atmosphere of things syncs beautifully with the game. One shameful admission though, for Mission 2 I had to resort to spoilers to solve the investigation mission (and I’m so rubbish at maths morse code I gave up on those routes as well). Shame on me.

If you want to jump in and check it out, here’s where you go.

Now it’s over to you: have you enjoyed the missions so far? With mission two, which route did you choose and did you try to do them all?


  1. I tried the dexterity route – but apparently 32 just isn’t good enough, and here I thought 1 a second would be good. I went the math route, but since you have to get a perfect score it can be challenging. It took my second try as the first one gave me a couple ridiculous multiplication ones.

  2. I went the Investigation route, and only needed a spoiler on the new york 1913 bit.


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