Asia-Pacific SWTOR Players: Post Your Ping

The local servers are live and from hanging out in general chat on the PvE server Dalborra, the bulk of people are more than happy with their ping times compared to US servers.

Although ping times can be impacted by dozens of different things, I thought it’d still be interesting to get people to post their ping times, particularly those outside of NSW/Victoria in Australia.

We’d particularly love to hear from any Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesian, Japanese or Malaysian players on whether the Asia-Pacific servers are any better for you. Please post your ping and geographical location in comments!

Asia-Pacific SWTOR servers are live

And here’s the proof of local players in the Ord Mantell starting area:



General chat is full of Australian people rapt with ping times, so good omens so far there though some from Singapore are claiming less than optimal ping times. We look forward to continuing to bring you all the latest news and views from SWTOR, now available locally!