Asia-Pacific SWTOR servers are live

And here’s the proof of local players in the Ord Mantell starting area:



General chat is full of Australian people rapt with ping times, so good omens so far there though some from Singapore are claiming less than optimal ping times. We look forward to continuing to bring you all the latest news and views from SWTOR, now available locally!


  1. Based on traceroute, looks like the servers are in Sydney.

  2. Very happy with it.  Now bring the cross server LFG too that is restricted to the this server group.  I’ll be ecstatic if it works that way because it’s three servers, and us below the equator and in Asia are much more respectful than those “up there”.  Add an ignore function so you don’t group with the idiots when you find them in the xLFG, and this whole experience (low ping, lots of people on at our times) will be far superior to anything we’ve seen.

  3. Low pings are great, more new servers will be coming on line soon, but no transfers until late april.