World of Tanks Patch 8.5: The Leopard 1 Is Here!


Blitzkrieg is a regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

G’day readers. First of all I would like to apologise for my absence over these last couple of months – real life decided someone needed a good kick up the butt and the boot just happened to land on my ass. Moving house, another family member being placed in hospital in critical condition as well as full-time study has put a lot of pressure on myself and my family these last few months.

Real life aside, Patch 8.5 of World of Tanks saw the launch of the new German medium line which includes the tier 8 Indien-Pz the tier 9 Leopard PT A and finishing off with the amazing tier 10 Leopard 1.

World of Tanks Leopard 1

The Leopard 1 Isn’t she a beauty?

So why have I been looking forward to driving the Leopard 1 for so long? well the short answer would be that the tank was the first Modern era Main Battle Tank. The long answer will be an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Leopard 1 during this article.

So how good is the Leopard 1?

I’m going to go through the three main areas of tank warfare and grade each area out of 10.

Firepower: 9/10

The Leopard 1 comes equipped with the German modified British L7A3 105mm, which has 268mm of penetration with 0.3 accuracy at 100m an aim time of 1.9 seconds 390 damage a hit with a rate of fire of 6.67 rounds a minute. This gives the Leopard 1 2601.3 DPM stock. Equip vents and a rammer and you are looking at 2992.3 DPM. Max out the Brothers in Arms perk on all of the crew and you have a total of 3121.56 DPM

The Leopard 1 is amazingly accurate at shooting on the move and even better at sniping at very long range and the aim time allows you to switch targets on the fly without having to worry too much about waiting for the gun to focus before firing.

Maneuverability: 9/10

The Leopard 1 is currently unmatched in maneuverability in World of Tanks – it has a top speed of 65kmph which it can reach in just seconds and it also has amazing off-road performance and terrain negotiation, meaning it retains the most of its speed when going bush. It has a traverse speed of 54 degrees a second while its turret has a traverse of 36 degrees a second. The high amount of traverse and speed allows you to flank and make sharp turns very quickly while maintaining your speed and allowing you to avoid incoming fire or move from one side of the map to the other if support is needed.

Survivability: 6/10

shot_003The Leopard 1 has no armour to speak of, to the point that a tier 3 tank could penetrate it. You only have 70mm of frontal hull armour, 35mm of side hull armour and 25mm of rear hull armour – the turret is just as bad with only 52mm of frontal turret armour and 60mm of side and rear turret armour.

With the low armour in mind, the one redeeming quality of survivability for the Leopard 1 is the fact that it can use its speed to survive.


Overall score and thoughts

The Leopard 1 gets a very solid score of 24/30

Train sixth sense as soon as possible so that  if you are spotted you can react and stay artillery safe as much as possible, because artillery can one-hit you if you are not careful.

If you are looking for a fast and mobile sniper platform with an amazing rate of fire with great accuracy, aim time, view range and DPM you are going to enjoy playing the Leopard 1.

Blitzkrieg: Chinese Model 113 Comparison

Blitzkrieg is a regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

G’day gamers – firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of articles over the holiday period. Myself and my family have had a very trying time with which we nearly lost a family member.

Real life aside, another reason for no articles was because there has not been much in the way of news for World of Tanks until recently with the launch of the Chinese tank tree with patch 8.3. You can check out the Patch 8.3 Trailer, or the the 8.3 patch notes here!

So what will we be checking out in this week’s column? Well, let’s take a look at the new Chinese Tier X heavy tank and compare them to the Russians.

The Model 113


Development on the Model 113 started in 1963 the vehicle was conceived as an alternative to the WZ-111 and used parts and components of medium tanks -the project was cancelled however due to the development of main battle tanks.

Let’s compare the stats of the Model 113 to both the Russian IS-4 and the IS-7 heavy tanks using the three major categories firepower, armour and speed/mobility and see where the Model 113 stands.


The Model 113 has the 122mm 60-122T Gun which can penetrate 257mm of armour with standard shells, dealing an average damage of 440 hit points with an accuracy of 0.36 at 100m at a rate of fire of 5.5 rounds per minute with an aiming time of 2.7 seconds. That means this gun has 2420 DPM compared to the IS-4’s 122mm M62-T2 gun which can penetrate 268mm of armour with standard shells dealing an average damage of 440 hit points with an accuracy of 0.38 at 100m at a rate of fire of 5 rounds per minute and an aiming time of 2.9 seconds. That means this gun has 2200 DPM

And now for the Is-7’s gun the 130mm S-70 which can penetrate 260mm of armour with standard shells dealing an average damage of 490  hit points with an accuracy of 0.4 at 100m at a rate of fire of 4.38 rounds per minute and an aiming time of 3.4 seconds. that means this gun has 2146.2 DPM

So that means the Chinese Model 113 has the highest DPM of the tree tanks, the best accuracy and the quickest aim time. It comes at the cost of the lowest penetration although the gold rounds’ penetration is 400mm which is on par with the IS-4’s and 100mm more than the IS-7’s.

This means that the Model 113 wins the firepower comparison.


The Model 113 has 120mm of frontal hull, 90mm side and 70mm rear armour while its turret has 240mm of frontal, 150mm side and 80 rear armour. It also comes with 2.300 hit points

The IS-4 has 140mm of frontal hull 160mm side and 100mm rear armour while its turret has 250mm of frontal 200mm side and 170 rear armour, plus 2.500 hit points

The IS-7 has 150mm of frontal hull, 150mm side and 100mm rear armour while its turret has 240mm of frontal, 185mm side and 94mm rear armour, with 2.150 hit points

So this means that the IS-4 is the clear winner in terms of Armour as well as having the highest hit points.

Speed and Mobility

The Model 113 has a 750hp engine pushing the 45ton tank at a max speed of 50km – it is also able to traverse at 36deg a second and traverse its turret at 26deg a second.

The IS-4 has a 750h.p engine pushing the 66.3ton tank at a max speed of 43km the IS-4 can traverse 26deg a second and traverse 22deg a second with its turret.

The IS-7 has a 1.050h.p engine pushing the 70.95ton tank at a max speed of 50km with a traverse speed of 28deg a second and a turret traverse speed of 25deg a second.

That means that the Model 113 weighs less than both the IS-4 and the IS-7 giving it better acceleration but the same top speed of 50km as the IS-7 the Model 113 also has the best traverse speeds of the three tanks meaning it can turn faster and track targets quicker with its turret.

That means the Model 113 wins the Speed and Mobility comparison.

Comparison winner

So what we can see from the statistics is that the Model 113 has a very accurate gun that has good damage per minute of 2420 with a max speed of 50km . That’s a very good traverse speed but it suffers from having less armour than the Russian heavys as well as less gun penetration with normal rounds.

Unfortunately I was unable to try this tank out on the test server to give you guys my personal opinion on how I feel about this new heavy tank and how well it does, but after comparing the stats to some of the other Tier X tanks in game I would have to say the Model 113 looks like it will be a destructive force on the battlefield when driven by a skilled tank commander.

I will leave you with an image of the next tank I am working on unlocking – the German Leopard 1:

1st Armoured Regiment

So over to you: will you be working towards unlocking yourself the Model 113 Chinese Tier X Heavy Tank?

Blitzkrieg: Chinese Tier X Heavy Tank – WZ-111 Model 5A

Blitzkrieg is a regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

G’day gamers. Recently, Patch 8.2 hit the World of Tanks PTS and I was able to try out  the new Chinese Tier X heavy tank: the WZ-111 Model 5A

History of the WZ-111 Model 5A.

WZ-111 Model 5A

The WZ-111 Model 5A was a prototype of a heavy tank developed in the early 1960’s with the aim of modernising the armoured forces of the People’s Liberation Army. The vehicle was conceived as a response to the Soviet T-10 tank, which was an evolution of the IS-2 and the IS-3 tanks. During construction and testing of the prototype, many shortcomings were discovered and in 1964 development was discontinued.


WZ-111 Model 5A

Not bad for my third game in the WZ-111 model 5A


 Survivability, Speed and Armour

The WZ-111 Model 5A has 150mm sloped frontal hull armour, 80mm side hull armour and 60mm of rear hull armour. I found the upper frontal armour to be rather bouncy due to the V-shaped slope similar to that of the Soviet IS-3 and IS-7 tanks. Unfortunately the WZ-111 Model 5A does not copy the IS-7 and IS-3’s lower frontal plate and thus it is a weak spot on the WZ-111 Model 5A along with the side and rear armour being easily penetrated.

The turret armour however is not to be scoffed at with a very bouncy 230mm of curved frontal turret armour, 120mm of side and 60mm rear turret armour. I found myself often bouncing Tier IX and X shells from the front and sides of my turret.

The WZ-111 model 5A has a top speed of 50km/h powered by a 750hp V-2-54SC engine with a traverse speed of 36deg. One of the great things about the WZ-111 is that it has good terrain negotiation and is capable of maintaining around 90% of its top speed in off road situations.

The WZ-111 turret does have a low traverse speed of only 26deg a second, but a good tanker can make up for that by turning the tank the same direction, adding the tank’s traverse of 36deg a second, giving you overall a 62deg traverse speed if needed.

The biggest problem I have with this tank is the lack of gun depression. You simply cannot aim the gun down making it very hard if you are fighting from a high place to engage targets lower then yourself.

A look at both guns

The WZ-111 model 5A comes with the 122mm 60-122T gun which has an average penetration of 257mm, damage of 440 while having an accuracy of 0.36 at 100m and a rate of fire of 5.77 rounds per minute. This gives a total of 2538.8 damage per minute.

The WZ-111 model 5A can upgrade to the 130mm 59-130T gun which has an average penetration of 244mm damage of 490 while having an accuracy of 0.38 at 100m and a rate of fire of 5 rounds per minute which gives the 130mm 59-130T 2450 damage per minute.

Both of the guns have slightly lower penetration values than their Soviet counterparts but make up for it with a higher accuracy and a faster rate of fire.

Comparison between the Chinese and Soviet guns

WZ-111 Model 5A: 122mm 440dmg 5.77rpm 2538.8dpm 0.36acc 257pen

IS-4 122mm: 440dmg 5rpm 2200dpm 0.38acc 268pen

WZ-111 Model 5A: 130mm 490dmg 5rpm 2450dpm 0.38 244pen

IS-7 130mm: 490dmg 4.38rpm 2146.2dpm 0.4 260pen


Will this tank be used in Clan Wars?

The WZ-111 Model 5A has the same frontal armour as the IS-7 as well as the same top speed of 50kmph, but it does not have the same side or rear armour. In fact, it has much less side and rear armour than the IS-7 but that lower side and rear armour allow the WZ-111 to traverse a lot faster than the IS-7 can.

The guns are very similar to the Soviet ones but with less penetration, a better rate of fire and better accuracy. So I think that the WZ-111 may have a place in clan wars where a more accurate and manoeuvrable  IS-7 is required – its higher damage per minute is an added bonus.

Will I be working towards getting myself the WZ-111 Model 5A in Patch 8.2?

To be honest no, but not because the WZ-111 Model 5A is a bad tank – I am busy saving up for the new German Tier X medium Leopard 1. Maybe in the future once I have obtained a Leopard 1 I may start down the new Chinese tree, but I’m currently still working on my British medium line.

So over to you my fellow tank commanders: will you be working towards getting yourself a WZ-111 model 5A?

World of Tanks Takes Out Best MMO Award

Congratulations are in order to World of Tanks team and players for winning the Golden Joystick Award 2012 for Best MMO beating League of Legends who came second, and Star Wars: The Old Republic who came third. You can watch the announcement here:

All World of Tanks players will now get the following bonuses as a reward, starting on November 2, 6:00 UTC till November 5, 5:30 UTC:

1. A bonus code, which will give you 3 days of Premium Account and additional premium consumables

2. High Tier vehicles discount (they will cost the same credits as their ‘predecessors’ in the Tech Tree). This will include:

*       Tier IX Medium Tanks

*       Tier IX Tank Destroyers

*       Tier IX Heavy Tanks

*       Tier VII Self-Propelled Gun Artillery

*       Tier VIII Premium Vehicles will receive a 15% discount!

*    x5 XP for 1st victory

*    50% Discounts on equipment

*    50% Discounts on garage slots

*    50% Discounts on crew (re)training

Again, congrats to the WoT team.

Blitzkrieg: New British Tier X Heavy FV215b

World of Tanks FV215b

Blitzkrieg is a new regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

G’day again folks, this week I’m going to take a look at some of the new British tanks coming out in the upcoming World of Tanks 8.1 patch that is currently on the test server.

Patch 8.1 brings the long awaited British tank tree that includes the medium and heavy tank lines to World of Tanks. Artillery and Tank Destroyers are being added in a later patch much like the French line was.

Today, let’s take a look at the new tier X British heavy tanks that the WoT team are bringing into the arena shall we?

The FV215b

The FV215b was a proposed plan for a heavy tank on the basis of the Conqueror Mk II, but unlike the Conqueror the FV215b featured a fear placement of the fighting compartment.

World of Tanks FV215b

Ok, so let’s talk about the most important part of this tank the Gun

The FV215b comes equipped  with the 120mm L1A1 – the same as the American T110E5 but with better accuracy aim time.  The most important aspect of all is its insane ROF (rate of fire).

The 120mm L1A1 on the FV215b can shoot 8 rounds a minute – this means the British FV215b is now the new king of DPM (damage per minute) in World of Tanks. Its DPM with 100% crew is sitting at 3300 dpm and going up to 3840 with gun rammer, vents and brothers in arms all equipped.

The 120mm L1A1 has 269mm of penetration as well as an accuracy of 0.32 at 100m with an amazing aiming time of only 1.7 seconds, along with the 410m view range that makes this tank an excellent sniper / support platform.

The FV215b has decent acceleration and at a top speed of 34 km with a vertical stabilizer equipped along with the snap shot and smooth ride perks, you can easily shoot accurately while on the move.

What about the armour?

The armour is where the FV215b lets us down with only 130mm of frontal hull armour as well as  the poor 51mm of side and rear hull armour.

The turret is not that much better either with only 152mm of frontal turret armour with the side being 89mm and rear 70mm

The FV215b is a squishy tank but you have 2600 hit points help make up for it and with patch 8.1 making gold rounds purchasable with credits, soon everyone’s armour will feel squishy but it sure would not hurt to be able to bounce a shot or two.

Is this tank Clan Wars worthy?

While the FV215b’s DPM and accuracy would be a great asset in Clan Wars I still believe that most clans will still choose other tanks over the FV215b due to its low armour which will be easily penetrated in 8.1 due to everyone and their dog slinging gold rounds around the place.

I think some clans may still use the FV215b  as a Tank Destroyer replacement  due to its high view range, accuracy, dpm and high health pool instead of trying to force it into the T110E5’s role. I guess we will have to wait and see after 8.1 hits the live servers to see if they are being used in Clan Wars.


After spending a few days trying this tank out on the test server it leaves me with a weird feeling of uncertainty. On one hand the accuracy and dpm is amazing but on the other hand there’s the lack of any meaningful armour – this could be because everyone on the test server is using gold rounds. Even with gold rounds being acquirable with credits come patch 8.1, the FV215b still has me questioning if it is really worth the grind to get or is it worth waiting until patch 8.2 to see if they nerf / buff it.

Another part of me is thinking that I should just wait until the next German medium line comes out with the Leopard 1 MBT so  I could compare the two and pick the one I like more – but that’s because I would love to see some newer German tanks in the game like the other factions.

If I was forced to pick one thing about the FV215b that really makes the tank stand out I would have to say the 120mm L1A1 gun will 90% of the time seal the deal with people interested in a new tank. Even if it is just going to be used for pub stomping and not clan wars, the FV215b will be a beast to deal with in game.

 Over to you: do you intend on getting a FV215b come patch 8.1 or are you thinking of saving your free experience for something else?

Blitzkrieg: Tier X And Why Germany Has Fallen Behind

Blitzkrieg is a new regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

When World of Tanks was first launched, Germany only had one tier X (the Maus), Russians had the IS-7 (even though the IS-4 was just as strong and was a tier IX) and America had the T30.

Since launch, World of Tanks has seen a steady addition of post World War II and now Cold War tanks

So why are the German tier 10 tanks falling behind? 

Well the answer is quite simple, some players say the Russian developers are biased and while playing mostly the German tank tree for most of my World of Tanks career I kind of agree with them, I also think the main problem is because the developers did not set the end of World War II as the end of where they would get the tanks for World of Tanks from.

Instead we now have tanks from the late 50’s and now even the early 60’s from the French, Americans, Russians and soon to be the British facing off against German tanks that were designed from 1942-1945 .

Let’s take a look at each factions tier X tanks and what years they were designed, built and used:


Object 268: 1952


Object 263: 1950

T-62A: 1961-1975

IS-7: 1945-1947


IS-4: 1944-1949

The only World War II tanks are the IS-4 and IS-7.



T110E4: 1954


T110E3: 1954


M48A1: 1950-1959


T110E5: 1950


Not a single one of these tanks were built at the end of World War II.



AMX-50 Foch (155): 1952


AMX 50B: 1950-1957


Bat Chatillon 25t: 1952


None of these are from World War II either.



JagdPz E-100: 1945


Maus: 1942


E-100: 1943


E-50M: 1945

All of these tanks were designed and or built during or at the end of World War II.

So why have they not added any German built tanks from the 1950s to fix the balance?

To tell the truth I have no idea. Many players still think it’s because of Russian bias which I tend to agree with but I lean more towards the fact that it’s because they are too scared of giving Germany a good Tier X tank like the Leopard 1.

In the early 1950s, Germany and France started a collaborative design of the Leopard 1 but the partnership ended and the final design was ordered by the Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Forces of Germany), where the production then started in 1965 with over 4,744 built.

The Leopard quickly became the standard tank for the majority of European forces and eventually served as the MBT (Main Battle Tank) for over 12 countries worldwide.

I personally would love to have the Leopard 1 as my new tier X tank and I think it would match up well against the new British tier 10’s coming in Patch 8.1 as well as balance quite well with the current tier X tanks already in game.

So over to you, what do you guys think about the way German tanks (and players) are currently treated and do you think the Leopard 1 deserves to be Germanys tier X tank like I do?

World of Tanks SEA Server Transfers

World of Tanks SEA serverOn October the 3rd, OVER 9000 World of Tanks players transferred their accounts from the Russian, European and North American servers to the World of Tanks South-East Asia (SEA) servers.

With over 9600 players jumping at the chance to play World of Tanks with a ping under 150ms, a fresh start to the clan wars map or even just because their mates have transferred, one thing is certain – that the SEA servers have gained a large amount of players in a short amount of time.

After a few days spent playing around on the SEA server with a low ping of under 120ms, I believe it makes a HUGE difference compared to the usual 280-300ms pings I would usually get on the NA server.

With the fresh clan wars map starting soon, I currently find myself thinking about whether or not I should finally try and join a clan. Having been constantly asked each day by numerous clans to join them I have quite a few options to look at.

Over the next few days or so I will attempt to try out Clan Wars for the first time and look forward to trying out a new game experience that I have not yet had the time nor care to attempt.

So do you like the new lower pings on the SEA servers and have you joined a new clan or come across with an old one?

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Blitzkrieg: I want my old PZ IV back!

Blitzkrieg is a new regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

With the launch of World of Tanks Patch 8.0 comes some changes, some more shocking than the others.

One of these changes was of the once great tier V German medium tank: the PZ IV.

World of Tanks PZ IV

Erectus Turretus Maximus! That’s what I called my PZ IV back in the days of the L/70 75mm with its amazing long range fighting capabilities.

The PZ IV before patch 8.0 was one of my favourite tanks why? Because it was a darn good sniper not to mention fast, sure its acceleration was terrible but it had that insanely well armoured heavy turret on it of course it’s going to take a little longer to reach your top speed.

This German tier V medium tank was a good “sample” tank for new players because it showed off some of the Germans best qualities in the game and their long range accuracy, rate of fire, and armour. The PZ IV showed players how the later German tanks would play / feel in terms of gameplay, and the time spent playing the PZ IV helped a lot when you finally got to drive the Tiger 1.

The new patch 80 PZ IV

World of Tanks PZ IV

Why you no snipe??

With the introduction of patch 8.0, the PZ IV had its upgraded turret and 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70  gun removed.

Which left us with the Turm Ausf.h Turret with its terrible 50mm of frontal amour and 30mm of side and rear armour and the pitiful 7.5 KwK 40 L/48, leaving us the only viable option to choose the “DERP CANNON” the 10,5 cm KwK 42 L/28.

Now the PZ IV feels like it has lost its place in the game – it was once an amazing sniper tank now it’s not even a brawler. Its turning circle is just too big even with its faster acceleration, now that the turret is lighter its top speed remains the same at 48kmph.

The PZ IV feels like a really bad M4 Sherman tank now. The only reason you would play this tank is if you wanted to get to the Maus but why would you do that when there are far better tanks out there – but thats a subject for another post and another day 🙂

Over to you: what do you think of the new patch 8.0 PZ IV and do you miss your old PZ IV?

SWTOR Patch 1.4: Having Fun With The New Moods

G’day gamers. Recently BioWare released patch 1.4. Unfortunately for me it had no new story content to consume –
so what new content could a bored player like myself do to have some fun with in patch 1.4? Simply put, I went around being a pervert while using the new mood selections for a laugh.

At first it started out as just a normal day on the fleet with the usual peak time of 40 players online. I started by surveying the area using /binoculars with my mood set to Eager:

(click on any pic for the full-size version)

SWTOR Patch 1.4

After surveying the area for victims of the new mood system, and my eagerness to try them out on some people, I decided I should probably get down from my top secret lookout and get to work:

Once I had climbed down from my top secret hiding spot in the Combat section, I proceeded to drive to the centre of the fleet around the bank area looking for my first victim:

And within mere seconds I was checking out some fine looking Imperial ladies:

The first victim was a Twi’lek female:

The second victim a Human female:

The third a Zabrak female:

And finally a Chiss female.

After only a matter of minutes I had been from one person to the next staring at them with the Astounded mood switched on, but little did I know that looking at them in this way was earning myself dark side points and within a couple of minutes I was dark side rank 5 as seen in this picture:

I quickly blamed the closest weird looking guy I could find of being a pervert and then proceeded to hide as quickly as possible:

After blending in with my fellow Imperial Storm Troopers for a few minutes thinking all is well:

I was discovered by a female bounty hunter!

…who then proceeded to shoot a green sticky substance into my face from her two pistols for the next seven minutes.

After an awkward seven minutes she then helped clean my leg armour and I returned the favour:

She even helped repair my neglected speeder, which didn’t even have a roadworthy.

After thanking the Bounty Hunter for not turning me into the authorities, I left the fleet in my personal spaceship, set my crew skills up and then proceeded to log off for the night.

So: what do you guys think of the new Moods added in patch 1.4? Did you have as much fun as I did with them?

Leave your interesting tales below 😀

One Shot, One Kill: Imperial Agent Sniper Build

One Shot, One Kill is a column devoted entirely to the Imperial Agent Sniper. If you’ve got something Sniper-related you’d like resident devotee Matthew ‘Scope’ Pearce to cover, drop us a line.

I wanted to spend some time covering the burst DPS build I use with my Sniper and what’s changed since patch 1.4 hit.

What changes in 1.4 actually affected snipers?

Well we should all be happy that they finally fixed the delay that was happening when going into cover and using our AOE knockback  straight away. The delay that usually followed meant knocking your opponent in the wrong direction or missing them completely, thus wasting a life- saving cooldown.

Marksmen spec snipers should also be happy with the improved Followthrough that is now usable 5 seconds after using Snipe, Ambush, or Takedown, up from 3 seconds. It now allows us a little more breathing space in our rotations and some time to mix things up a bit, which I like a lot.

Why should I play a Sniper?

Great long range abilities, CC immunity , amazing crowd control as well as multiple damage reduction defensive abilities.

Snipers are great fun to play – they have some of the best defensive  and offensive cooldowns in the entire game.

What other reasons should you play a sniper that are not combat related? Well, Imperial Agents get to experience one of the best story lines and meet some of the most interesting companion characters out of all the Empires classes.

Without giving away any story spoilers, the Imperial Agent’s story is like one of the good James Bond stories – it’s filled with loads of action, loyalty, love, betrayal , and focuses on the Sith Empire from the viewpoint of a loyal soldier trying to do their best to help the Empire or to help themselves

What build are you using at the moment and why?

I run with the 25/16/0 build and have been since I first made my sniper back in beta:

imperial agent sniper build

 My reasoning behind why I run this build instead of a full 31 point build is simple: I love burst damage.

When you play on a PVP server like I do and when world PVP can and does happen (though rarely as of late), I prefer burst damage builds. They are the best way to bring your enemy down as quickly and easily as possible and snipers fill this role the best out of all the ranged damage classes in SWTOR.

My build is centred around the application of Explosive Probe, for its main damage dealing abilities and as a source of energy regeneration with the talents in Imperial methodology, plus the extra regeneration from Snipers Pillbox in the marksmanship tree. These two talents allow me to stay in the fight longer as well as manage my energy levels better and thus deal more damage.

Is this build good for levelling?

When I first levelled my sniper up I made sure that my first 2 talent points went into the “Engineers Tool Belt”

These 2 talent point lets us throw our Fragmentation Grenades every 3 seconds and makes levelling faster and easier as we can simply run into a group of 5 enemies toss a grenade, rifle shot and then toss another grenade again over and over until all the mobs are dead.

I would focus on going up the engineering tree first until you hit level 30, then I would respec and go with marksmanship and try out the new ability “Followthrough”. Once you get to level 32 you should put two points back into “Engineers Tool Belt” to regain the ability to AOE spam every 3 seconds and then continue back up the engineering tree the same as in my build until you hit level 50.

So where does the burst damage come from?

The combination of the Marksmanship tree’s ability to dish out fast and hard hitting single target attacks, combined with the explosive abilities that activate when hit from the engineering tree, make for one hell of a burst damage build.

Here is an example of my sniper using just “Explosive Probe” followed by “Ambush” and the burst damage I can dish out:

 imperial agent sniper build

That’s 11600 damage in 1 hit.

Can you show us an example of a basic rotation?

Say you run into a Sage or Sorcerer – these guys have the lowest armour in game and as such are usually the easiest targets for a sniper to kill and kill quickly. If they aren’t paying attention you can bring them to below 50% hp with 2 button presses.

Here is a quick and easy rotation that you can use to bring a Sorcerer or Sage down in around 5-8 button presses depending on his gear and yours.

1 First go into cover

2 Toss out your “Explosive Probe” ability. Note that if another person or NPC is hitting the target of “Explosive Probe” the next hit the target takes will trigger the effect. however don’t let this discourage you from using this ability as it also adds four extra damage ticks due to our spec.

3 Hit your Ambush ability. Note that you can also use your “Laze Target” and the “Target Acquired” cool downs prior to using Ambush in order to add extra damage if so desired.

(once Ambush hits the target with an explosive probe the target usually goes down to 50% hp)

4 Hit your “Followthrough” ability. This ability can only be used after using either Ambush Snipe or Takedown.

(If the target is now under 25% hp use “Snipe” and then “Takedown” – if the target is not below 25% continue to step 5)

5 Hit “Snipe”

(Because of our talents when we go into cover we get an instant cast snipe for the next 10 seconds)

6 Now that “Snipe has been used it has unlocked the ability “Followthrough” again but it is still on cool down so what we do next is use our “Series of Shots” ability.

7 Once that ability is finished quickly hit “Followthrough” again

8 Now the target should most definitely be below 25% health so we can use the “Takedown” ability to finish them off.

(if this ability doesn’t finish them off completely you can simply leave cover and re-enter cover for another instant cast “Snipe” that you can easily follow up with another devastating “Followthrough”)

So over to you: do you currently play a Sniper or plan on levelling one now?

Blitzkrieg: The Matilda Black Prince Review

Blitzkrieg is a new regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

Who wants some lead?

The Matilda Black Prince is the first British tank to be added to World of Tanks, and is similar to the medium tank Matilda supplied by the British to the Russians under the Lend-Lease program that was in World of Tanks before patch 8.0.

The new Matilda Black Prince has some big differences, one of the most significant being changes in the turret and gun.

The original Matilda in game used the ZiS-96 76mm, which had 65-108mm of shell penetration, making it hard to penetrate tier 5 heavy tanks. The Matilda Black Prince now uses the same QF 6 pounder Mk. V A that the Churchill used as well as the same A27 turret.

This means that the new Matilda Black Prince has a penetration value of 83-138mm, and the crazy ROF (Rate of Fire) of 26 rounds a minute, meaning it shoots a single round every 2 seconds giving it 1957 DPM (damage per minute)

The Matilda Black Prince is not without its drawbacks however – it shares the same frontal armour as the Matilda medium tank, but has only got 55mm of side armour compared to the Matilda medium tank’s 75mm.

Its engine is also lacking with only 190 horse power compared to the Matilda medium tank’s 274hp, meaning that the top speed the Matilda Black Prince can reach is only 22kmh on flat terrain. With such a low speed, it is usually best to shoot on the move with this tank, and as such I train my crew members in Snap Shot for my gunner, and Smooth Ride for the driver allowing me to fire more accurately on the move.

World of Tanks Black Matilda Prince

Erectus Turretus Maximus!

Because this tank is a premium tank, it gains far more credits than normal tanks, and helps the player save credits for those bigger tanks we all want to drive around in, as well as help pay the repair bills.

This tank is loads of fun to play and can be purchased for only 1750 gold from the World of Tanks in-game store.

World of Tanks: Patch 8.0 Tank Destroyer Review

Blitzkrieg is a new regular column devoted to the very popular MMO World of Tanks. If you’ve got a topic you’d like our resident expert Matthew “Scope” Pearce to cover, drop him a line!

G’day fellow gamers – recently Patch 8.0 of World of Tanks hit the live servers with its brand new physics engine, a graphical overhaul on some of the original maps, and also the introduction of a second TD (Tank Destroyer) line added to the Russian tech tree with four new TDs all up.

First up in my review is the brand new tier VII TD the SU-100M1

The SU-100M1 is equipped with the 100mm D-10S mod. 1944 gun with 131-219mm of armour penetration which deals 173-288 of damage, and sports a health pool of 830, and has a top speed of 50Kmph, with 90mm of frontal armour.

The armour for this tank is rather low for its tier, however its strength lies in its low profile and high camouflage rating, and how fast it can react to the ever changing battle with its amazing speed.

The upgraded gun 100mm LB-1C can shoot 9.52 rounds a minute with an accuracy of 0.33 at 100m, and an aiming time of only 1.7 seconds, which makes this TD an incredibly accurate borderline semi automatic sniper rifle with an average of 2070dpm (damage per minute).

The SU-100M1 tank destroyer offers players the speed of a medium tank, and the firepower and accuracy of a tank destroyer giving yourself more opportunities to move to your favourite bush, or sniper spot quicker and easier than before. 

Next up is the tier VIII TD the SU-101

The SU-101 comes equipped with the tier VII 100mm D-10S mod. 1944, has 990 hit points and has a top speed of 54kmph with 120mm of frontal armour.

The SU-101 plays as a slightly faster, more heavily armed TD than its predecessor.

This vehicle is a counterpart of the Jagdpanther II – it even looks the same.

There’s one difference though – the gun on the SU-101 is a TD version of the tier X IS-4’s top gun, and boy is it powerful.

Let’s compare the stats on the guns. This powerful 122mm M62-C2 gun is in a small nimble platform that has a nice 120mm of armour angled at 60° which means you can bounce quite a few shots from range while packing quite a punch and retaining good accuracy and a comfortable rate of fire.

Now for the tier IX  TD the SU-122-54

 World of Tanks Tank Destroyer

The SU-122-54 TD is based on the T-54’s medium tank hull with a max speed of 48kmph and 1530 hit points, while sporting a newer upgraded 122mm M62-C2 gun.

The strength of the SU-122-54 is not only in its powerful new gun though – it is also the smallest of the tier IX tank destroyers, making it harder to hit as well as having the best camouflage and thus making it harder for enemy players to spot you .

The SU-122-54 is also a great flanker due to its lower profile allowing it to move around unnoticed far easier than other tier IX tank destroyers.

And now for the tier X tank destroyer: the Object 263

 Object 263 World of Tanks Tank Destroyer

The Object 263 is completely different from its predecessors as it is based on the Russian tier X IS-7 heavy tank.

The Object 263 has 250mm of sloped frontal armour, making it one of the hardest tanks in game to penetrate frontally from range.  It’s got  1900 hit points with a maximum speed of 55kmph meaning it is also the fastest tier X tank destroyer in the game.

But wait it gets even better. The Object 263 comes equipped with the 130mm S-70A that has the best accuracy of 0.32 at 100m out of all the tier X tank destroyers as well as a rate of fire of 5.45, which gives it the title of the fastest shooting tier X tank destroyer and making it capable of dealing over 3300dpm.

This tank destroyer is a killing machine on crack – not only does it have an accurate gun that has an insane ROF (Rate of Fire), more armour then the most heavily armoured tank in the German tech tree (the Maus), but it also has an incredible speed of 55kph while the Maus can hardly get to 20kph on open ground.

Coming from playing the German tech tree for the majority of my World of Tanks career, with the amazing accuracy that comes with being a German tank commander and loving my Jag Tiger ,I have reluctantly started to climb the Russian TD line in order to get a tier 10 version of my beloved JT as the JpzE-100 just doesn’t feel like an upgrade from the JT but more of a downgrade.

So over to you, what do you think of these new TDs?