SWTOR Patch 1.4: Having Fun With The New Moods

G’day gamers. Recently BioWare released patch 1.4. Unfortunately for me it had no new story content to consume –
so what new content could a bored player like myself do to have some fun with in patch 1.4? Simply put, I went around being a pervert while using the new mood selections for a laugh.

At first it started out as just a normal day on the fleet with the usual peak time of 40 players online. I started by surveying the area using /binoculars with my mood set to Eager:

(click on any pic for the full-size version)

SWTOR Patch 1.4

After surveying the area for victims of the new mood system, and my eagerness to try them out on some people, I decided I should probably get down from my top secret lookout and get to work:

Once I had climbed down from my top secret hiding spot in the Combat section, I proceeded to drive to the centre of the fleet around the bank area looking for my first victim:

And within mere seconds I was checking out some fine looking Imperial ladies:

The first victim was a Twi’lek female:

The second victim a Human female:

The third a Zabrak female:

And finally a Chiss female.

After only a matter of minutes I had been from one person to the next staring at them with the Astounded mood switched on, but little did I know that looking at them in this way was earning myself dark side points and within a couple of minutes I was dark side rank 5 as seen in this picture:

I quickly blamed the closest weird looking guy I could find of being a pervert and then proceeded to hide as quickly as possible:

After blending in with my fellow Imperial Storm Troopers for a few minutes thinking all is well:

I was discovered by a female bounty hunter!

…who then proceeded to shoot a green sticky substance into my face from her two pistols for the next seven minutes.

After an awkward seven minutes she then helped clean my leg armour and I returned the favour:

She even helped repair my neglected speeder, which didn’t even have a roadworthy.

After thanking the Bounty Hunter for not turning me into the authorities, I left the fleet in my personal spaceship, set my crew skills up and then proceeded to log off for the night.

So: what do you guys think of the new Moods added in patch 1.4? Did you have as much fun as I did with them?

Leave your interesting tales below šŸ˜€