World of Tanks SEA Server Transfers

World of Tanks SEA serverOn October the 3rd, OVER 9000 World of Tanks players transferred their accounts from the Russian, European and North American servers to the World of Tanks South-East Asia (SEA) servers.

With over 9600 players jumping at the chance to play World of Tanks with a ping under 150ms, a fresh start to the clan wars map or even just because their mates have transferred, one thing is certain – that the SEA servers have gained a large amount of players in a short amount of time.

After a few days spent playing around on the SEA server with a low ping of under 120ms, I believe it makes a HUGE difference compared to the usual 280-300ms pings I would usually get on the NA server.

With the fresh clan wars map starting soon, I currently find myself thinking about whether or not I should finally try and join a clan. Having been constantly asked each day by numerous clans to join them I have quite a few options to look at.

Over the next few days or so I will attempt to try out Clan Wars for the first time and look forward to trying out a new game experience that I have not yet had the time nor care to attempt.

So do you like the new lower pings on the SEA servers and have you joined a new clan or come across with an old one?

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