Flash Point 44: Impactions and Box-Wrangling

mmo podcastTime for another quality MMO podcast from Down Under, with our resident WoW-ophile Luke LePage joining us again. We also bid a temporary farewell to Ed and cover the big four plus some League of Legends, Marvel Heroes and more.

Points of discussion:

1.5 on the PTS
– 12-hour downtime last week
Oceanic Server Merges
– Shout out for Scope’s One Shot One Kill Column
– Lore Update: languages and Galactic Basic
– falling for 2012’s James Cameron/George Lucas new Stars Wars Trilogy April Fool’s joke


– Halloween event
Dev Team Reddit AMAA


– Response to Joel Bylos interview
Halloween Event / Issue #3 content
– Reticle combat

– more impressions and kudos
– Blizzard as a continuing innovator
– 5.1 patch

– League of Legends popularity
– Marvel Heroes beta invites
– New Rift player housing

– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Twitter account and Simon’s Twitter account.

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  1. loving the podcast and listen to it every fortnight, however something that consistently bothers me about the cast is that the volume levels of everyone are always completely out. I’m constantly turning the volume up and down and can sometime not hear david at all

    • Thanks mate for the feedback and apologies – I’ll have a serious look at the mix next episode, hopefully it sounds better for you next time!

      • I sounded a bit quiet on this one, probably due to the concussion from playing american football rather than the levels but will see what i can do on my end.