Australian SWTOR Servers: Merger or Closures?

Australian SWTOR serversOne of the most fascinating and  frustrating issues we’ve followed here over the past three plus years is the issue of local servers for Star Wars: The Old Republic. More widely it’s an issue of how local players perceive they’ve been treated.

In the months leading to launch there was the controversial issue of launch territories (North America and part of Europe only), then to regular lobbying for local servers (which went live in February this year), the wait to be able to transfer current characters to the oceanic servers and finally the issue of declining populations on the three servers.

It’s the last issue that’s obviously dominating at the moment, with a significant thread running on the official forums. Over the past month or so, BioWare have alluded to the fact they’re looking at the issue, but no announcement has been made.

The latest, brief, non-informative word comes from Joveth Gonzalez:

Hi folks,

Unfortunately, I have no new information at this time. In my last post, I did say that I would update this thread when I had new information but I currently do not.

With that being said, I will make sure to update this thread as soon as I have more information.

As a reminder, please remember to follow forum guidelines within this thread.

Thank you.

I’ve thought server merges have been on the cards for a couple of months and like a number of people I’ll be far from surprised if the local servers are closed altogether. Aside from any challenges the game faces more broadly, the absolute lack of local promotion of the game has made the server issue a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts: would the removal of Australian SWTOR servers be an absolute deal-breaker for you?


  1. To be honest, while I love the 200MS.
    I do suspect that removal of Localised servers would likely be a death knell for TOR in Australia.
    Though if I had to rename my character again, I’d be pretty annoyed

  2. Thoroughmas says

    If the Aus servers disappear I will be EXTREMELY upset. I do hope they merge the 3 down to 1 or 2 though.

  3. I’d really not want to go through the whole server change thing again, the risk of loosing character names etc. I’d be annoyed if they did a server merge although there’s a good chance that the base server would be Dalbora so I hopefully wouldn’t be affected but then if the moved us back the the US servers I’d be more than annoyed and I would probably drop my subscription and just wait for F2P

  4. Couldn’t care less. Stopped playing this turkey months ago.

  5. Reposting my reply to one of thread in the official forum

    One thing I am interested to know (and I am sure EA is looking at) is how many non-oceanic/asia players on the APAC servers and how many on US/Europe servers. And whether Australia is the best location for the apac physical servers.

    The APAC market (India, China to name a couple) is huge. However I don’t meet on Dalborra too many players from Asia. My guild has a member from China but he hasn’t been able to raid recently due to lag/connection issue (he is instead playing dota2 =[).

    The revenue potential from Asia is substantially more significant than the existing oceanic subscribers. I won’t be surprised if they are actually working on re-positioning the APAC server to a more Asia-friendly location. An Asia server to co-exist with an Oceanic server might be in their original plan but it is slashed due to the subs number along with the development of mega-server-tech.

  6. I’m interested in one oceanic server for us all but that being said If I have to rename all my toons again I’m out