SWTOR Asia-Pacific Server Details Announced

March the 1st isn’t just about SWTOR making a PR splash locally. For both veteran and new players, the availability of servers is the biggest news of the lot locally.

BioWare / EA have ‘announced’ the details of the local servers in that they’ve appeared on the Server Status page. This fact was picked up by the eagle-eyed Orin (thanks Orin!). BioWare’s Stephen Reid has also posted all the details (see below).

The names of the servers are:

PvP server: Master Dar’Nala

PvE server: Dalborra

RP-PvE server: Gav Daragon

Here’s a shot from the server status page:

And Stephen Reid’s announcement:

Good morning, or to those of you on the other side of the world, good morning… for tomorrow.

This week we officially launch Star Wars: The Old Republic in several new territories, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Lots of more information on all aspects of the launch will be released tomorrow in an update to our official FAQ, but as we’ve heard requests for server names and timing, we thought we’d give you those details a little earlier.

Here’s our official launch timing. All servers will be online simultaneously at approx 5:01AM CST (Austin time), but with timezones straddling a date:

New Zealand: 12:01am NZDT (March 1st)
Australia: 10:01pm EDT (February 29th)
Singapore: 7:01pm SGT (February 29th)
Hong Kong: 7:01pm HKT (February 29th)

We’ll be launching with three initial servers dedicated to these territories. As previously mentioned, these servers are physically located in Australia:

Dalborra (PvE)
Master Dar’Nala (PvP)
Gav Daragon (RP PvE)

If demand requires we open additional servers, we have the hardware ready to go. Our Live Production team will be carefully monitoring server population and potential queues to ensure the best possible experience for players.

As mentioned many more details about the Oceanic launch will be forthcoming in tomorrow’s FAQ update, so look out for it!

In the same thread, Stephen Reid confirms in regard to the free server transfers:

Those emails are planned to be sent later this week, not long after official launch timing

Over to you: will you be transferring and if so to which server? If you’re a guild master and want to notify people which server you’re going to, feel free to post away in the comments!


  1. The fact they haven’t organised the transfers alongside the release of the new servers is a little irking but I guess you can’t have everything the way you like it. I will be heading over to the Australian servers but for the moment it looks like I will possibly just role an alt there till I can transfer my main. I believe it will be the PVE server.

    • Completely agree about the irking, but it’s probably being done on purpose. Have to think, one of each server type for all of asia-pac sounds a bit off ,they’d probably be hoping to fill the first servers with new subscribers then get a second set running for all the transfers, hence the delay.

    • ChrisMc_AU says

      From what I’ve read, the delay has more to do with the Aussie servers being ready before the code to transfer is finalised. I’ll be doin the same as you, I don’t have a Smuggler or Trooper, so I’ll be playing those and continuing to gear up my main on Space Slug.

  2. Tim Buchalka says

    I’ll be there the second they open for business.  Most likely the PVE server.  Not sure why EA could not have organised the transfers at the same time the server was open as nick wrote.

  3. Well I’ll be starting a new character, since I only started playing a few days ago (a level 11 and level 3 char). No great loss 🙂

  4. 9PM Queensland Time, perfect! 

  5. Hmmm, was planning to get up/stay up for the Windows 8 consumer preview launch at 1am… now I may have something to do to keep me awake 🙂

  6. Does anyone know whats going to happen with Legacy Names and Levels?

    • ChrisMc_AU says

      “The Legacy system complicates the character transfer system considerably. We’re aware of the implications with transfers though and working to try and ensure the smoothest transition for those with Legacy levels.”
      – Stephen Reid

  7. Tim Buchalka says

    If you read the info on this link below, it appears to be 10.00pm tonight EDT   🙂


  8. Rejoice for being in WA tonight 🙂
    So looking forward to having aus servers!
    Transfering from Swiftsure to PvP server.

  9. I presume they just haven’t changed the FAQ yet and that’s why the time’s are set different than the dev post?

    • Definitely out of date on the FAQ still. Strange that the launch is tonight, yet the FAQ’s still have incorrect information concerning times. 

  10. I’d love to know if we get a different maintenance time to the NA servers.
    I imagine we wouldn’t because BW wouldn’t want everyone flocking to our servers during the NA maintenance.

  11. Our entire guild will be transferring across to the PVP server from Swiftsure.

  12. Though it’s a bit scary to wonder whether your character names aren’t already used on the new server when you plan to transfer them across, ugh

    • Tim Buchalka says

      Chances are most of the popular ones will be gone.  But one good thing apparently the FAQ’s say characters have to be leveled to level 2 at least or they are at risk of deletion (I have not read FAQ’s to confirm).  So there is a possibility campers of the best names will find all those characters they never played get deleted freeing up the names for other people.

      •  I couldn’t find any FAQ that says anything about this.. but I guess leveling to level 2 is not hard anyway

        • Tim Buchalka says

          I hear this in general chat on the PVP server last night – They mentioned the FAQ (as I mentioned I did not read them).

          Yeah level 2 really only takes 5-10 mins if you just go  farm the 1st few baddies  🙂

  13. This TOR n00b will be rolling his first toon tonight . Sadly, I wanted it to be on an RP-PvP server (Republic side), but that isn’t going to be possible due to BW not deeming it necessary.

    Not to sure which server to roll then. I like the RP community, but would hate to miss out on World PvP due to “blueshielding”. Any recommendations guys?

    • not sure what kind of reply you expect from such a question.. simiply all you can do is weigh up and decide which is more important to you: unlimited world PvP or the RP community.

      although now that I think about it. perhaps it would be wise to research how much world pvp goes on in PvE servers anyway.  As there are dedicated PvP zones.

  14. errr..where is the server physically located? Melbourne? Sydney?


  15. The Older Gamers (www.theoldergamers.com) will be estbalishing two new guilds on Dalborra. 1 Republic side and 1 Empire Side.

  16. 419 Will be Moving its shores too Master Dar’nala

  17. Greg Knight says


    Very apt to have an Oz server named ‘Gav’

  18. Servers are already at full capacity. According to the FAQ, free transfers not until late April.

    • Tim Buchalka says

      This happened in the original US launch.  Bioware just had set an arbitrary number of connections as the limit and gradually kept raising it.  I presume they will be doing the same here so I would not be too worried about it.

  19. ChrisMc_AU says

    I have to say, I’m sick SWTOR being compared to WoW, when WoW isn’t constantly compared to EQ.

    Clearly the picture that accompanies this article is the WoW Oceanic server farm. You’re not fooling anybody TOROZ!


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