Oceanic Soap Box: Expansionary Thoughts

There’s always something happening in MMO land but I have to say that this week’s been one of the busier ones. What, with Mists of Pandaria landing, The Secret World releasing its Issue #3 update and SWTOR putting Patch 1.4 live, there’s a hell of a lot on offer.

So let’s open up the discussion across those three games: what are your thoughts on what’s been offered this week for your favourite game? Are you in a renewed honeymoon period with the game, still really disappointed or somewhere in between?

Let us know!


  1. I’m fairly happy with MoP.I am really enjoying the new systems put in place by Blizzard and the new quest zones are a lot of fun. I have been too busy pet battling to do all that much leveling though.

    I will return to SWToR once it goes free to play and see how it is going.

  2. Forceslinger says

    I’m actually having a blast in Rift.. really enjoying the depth of character development with up to 6 specs per toon and ways to keep developing beyond level cap (outside of just gear).

    • Rift indeed has a good rep – it’s just one I’ve never gotten around to playing. We’d LOVE to cover more Rift news if anyone out there has a hankering to write on it…