The Secret World Issue #3 Patch Notes

The Secret World Issue #3Well it’s fair to say you could knock me down with a feather. True to their promises, Funcom are churning out new content for The Secret World on schedule now as promised.

Issue #3 is now live and it has two new missions plus a bunch of new Lair missions. In addition to that. there’s a bunch of bug fixes. Then, in the lead up to Halloween during October, The Cat God makes an appearance.

Here’s the full patch notes for Issue #3 for you:




Two new missions are available with Issue #3:

  • ‘The Binding’, which brings you to the City of the Sun God in Egypt to learn more about the Seven Sentinels. This truly epic investigation mission is definitely one of the most challenging and extensive.
  • ‘Dogs of War’ plays on the mounting conflict between the vampires and their allies. Use your wits and battle prowess to instigate a war between the werewolves and the vampires.


There are also a full set of new Lair missions available!


The Cat God himself, after whom Issue #3 is named, will make his appearance in October as we are getting closer to Halloween. The Halloween event will run through the end of October and into the first week of November, and will include several missions which set off a brand new storyline including a new villain. So there’ll be plenty of opportunities to take on the challenge and learn what’s behind this new, dark threat to The Secret World come October!



  • Fixed an issue that caused some nVidia users to occasionally experience a Stop Error (BSOD) when zoning.
  • Fixed an issue with leech heals. “Reap and Sew” has been re-enabled.
  • Female hairstyles should no longer be offset by one in the list during character creation. ‘Sideswept Twist’ is no longer showing twice in the list of hair styles available for female characters.
  • Agartha: The portal to Hell Eternal (Elite) is now easier to access.
  • All of the faction marks have been updated to make them more visible.
  • Fixed an issue with hair clipping through some hats.
  • The ‘Close shaved’ hairstyle for males no longer shows over the character ears when viewed from the side.
  • Mark of the Templar and Mark of Blood no longer have the same visual effect on a target.
  • Social pets: The “Tabby-Cat” has been more accurately renamed “Calico Cat”
  • Fixed an issue with some shadows in The Shadowy Forest.
  • You can now swap weapons when you do not have one drawn.



  • Fixed an issue with in-game messages that could not be received by some players.
  • Deleting a mail without removing an attachment first will no longer cause the item to eternally remain in sender’s bank.
  • Added a message warning users if they are the last member leaving their cabal, that anything left in the cabal bank will be lost.
  • Fixed the possibility of visually displaying very large expiration times in the marketplace.



  • Saved gamma settings will now load properly.
  • Shared gear manager builds do now appear correctly in the GUI.



  • The Facility: When Nodes get smashed you now immediately lose the buff if you are already inside the radius.
  • Darkness War – Wayeb-Xul: Bomb Mayans should now always explode at 0 HP.
  • Hell Raised: The Black Iron Artefacts no longer sound like they are machine-guns.



  • Dawning of an Endless Night: To lessen the inventory clutter, we removed the Deep Shaft key from the Illuminati box in the Franklin’s mansion. Players that already have the key will still lose it upon finishing tier 17 of Dawning of an Endless Night.
  • Into the Darkness (Dragon): The Phoenician agent now sounds like he’s been corrupted by the filth.


New York

  • Mainframe: The entry field shown during tier 4 now provides information on how to enter data.


Kingsmouth Town

  • Death and the Instruments thereof: the diesel tank is no longer temporarily locked by other players.


Blue Mountain

  • Detritus Prime should appear more reliably in tier 1, though he still enjoys long walks in the bog.
  • The Haunting: Thomas is back in the fight during ‘Protect Margret and Thomas’ in tier 3.


Carpathian Fangs

  • The Motherlands: Fixed an issue with one mapmarker.
  • Stalker in the Darkness no longer resets during the fight.
  • Too Deep: Thirsting Shades will now provide the proper update when killed.
  • Too Deep: Metamorphosing Shades will now provide credit to all players involved in their death.
  • Too Deep – Tier 3: The mission goal now correctly instructs the player to kill a Shade from Beyond.
  • There are no Flowers in Pricolesti: Interacting with the mobile phone will now provide team credit.


Besieged Farmlands

  • The Forest God is no longer holding an invisible mug throughout the cinematic during tier 2.


The Shadowy Forest

  • Singing Stones – There is now an animation played when picking up a melody from a stone from tier 1.
  • Hungry like the Wolves – Tier 1: The Lone Wolf now shows a proper animation when he rotates to wait for you and when he returns to his patrol path.


City of the Sun God

  • Akir the Sun Guardian will now visit the City of the Sun God once in a while!


The Scorched Desert

  • Black Sun, Red Sand: There is now a visual indication that the tablet is “locked” for use while the guardian is alive during tier 4.



  • You can no longer change a build in the gear manager while an ability is on cooldown.
  • Perseverance should now trigger on activation of Frenzy abilities regardless of the result.
  • The grenades from ability ‘Dirty Bombs’ are now placed on the ground when possible.



  • Updated the tooltip for On Guard to say that the effect can stack up to 5 times instead of 10.



  • Reckless will no longer be triggered by Canonball.
  • Warmth now consistently works on other targets and it no longer requires you have put points into Follow Up to function properly.


Rocket Launcher

  • The animation for the Big Red Button ability no longer shakes the character for a second or two in the beginning.



Blue Mountain

  • Getting between the scaffolding and the wall in the casino won’t make you slide out of control anymore.