Guild Wars 2: 24 Hours to Launch

For those with Head Start access to GW2, it’s easy to forget that the official launch of the game is tomorrow afternoon (exact details here). It’s been a fairly successful early access period, albeit with some early server issues.

Since then, things have stabilised although I’m still spending as much time playing in the overflow queue as being on my server. For me that’s no real issue but it is for a lot of people, and the full launch may exacerbate things. That said, we’re not hearing a lot of negative talk overall – people seem to be loving the game on the whole. We’ll have a full review up this week sometime, but I’ll need to play more than the couple of hours I’ve done so far to make a final call.

Other key info for launch:

Other key bits of info for oceanic players to keep in mind:

Unofficial Oceanic Server: Sea of Sorrows
Unofficial secondary oceanic server: Gate of Madness
Guild Wars 2 Server List: here
Guild Wars 2 Guilds List: here
Guild Wars Oceanic Facebook Page: here

For Head Starters: how have you found the game so far?