GW2 Servers Being Pounded

It’s less than 12 hours into the 3-day early access for those who pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, and it’s fair to say that if the amount of server downtime being experienced is an indication of game popularity, then this is going to be one popular game.

Since 2pm AEST when the servers came up, there have been intermittent issues with being able to log in, and these appear to have worsened this evening. Some are getting angry but it’s pretty par for the course for any MMO launch and things will pan out over coming hours.

And anyway: imagine what it’ll be like when the full launch occurs….

Over to you: how has your experience been with the game so far?

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  1. It seems to be getting worse. At 10.30 I got the log in screen but then failed to login now I get connection error on the preliminary file down load phase.

  2. I logged in at 2pm on the dot, had 7 hours of perfect game play before the servers died :/

  3. jumped on right on 2 pm to help get guild name, success! Earlier i had some trouble instancing in and out of Divinitys Reach. But your right about 10pm, the players online started to dwindle, and then finally i had a crash also and cant get on since. got to about lvl 12 and had a good look around. my time in beta was limited to the stress tests they had in the last few weeks, from what i saw this eve, the game is more than enjoyable and will be very popular.

  4. guildwarstiredguy says

    got a couple of hours play in, before being booted back to my desktop, haven’t been able to get back in since.

  5. Got up at 830 today and wasn’t able to even update my launcher.
    Very sadfaced right now.

  6. Cortland Bonnock says

    I got on the minute the servers came up and played for three hours no problem. Went to bed 3am EST. I was surprised given the size of the crowds at the main areas how smooth it was running on high settings with a good, not great computer. BTW, kudos to aNet for launching at 12 on east coast. We really appreciated that!

  7. I haven’t had any problems so far and am enjoying the hell out of this game