Full List of Guild Wars 2 Servers

AreneNet have released the details of the launch servers for GW2. You can see them in full below.

For oceanic players wondering what the unofficial Australian / New Zealand server is: at this stage it’s Sea of Sorrows in the US, but as with any of these unofficial arrangements it could change depending on server populations etc.

The full list:

US WorldsAnvil Rock

Borlis Pass

Yak’s Bend

Henge of Denravi


Sorrow’s Furnace

Gate of Madness

Jade Quarry

Fort Aspenwood

Ehmry Bay

Stormbluff Isle


Sanctum of Rall

Crystal Desert

Isle of Janthir

Sea of Sorrows

Tarnished Coast

Northern Shiverpeaks


Ferguson’s Crossing


EU WorldsFissure of Woe




Ring of Fire


Far Shiverpeaks

Whiteside Ridge

Ruins of Surmia

Seafarer’s Rest


Piken Square

Aurora Glade

Gunnar’s Hold

Jade Sea [FR]

Fort Ranik [FR]

Augury Rock [FR]

Vizunah Square [FR]

Kodash [DE]

Riverside [DE]

Elona Reach [DE]

Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]

Drakkar Lake [DE]

Baruch Bay [ES]


So which server will you be rolling on? Also – if you’re a GW2 guild that would like to be profiled, drop us a line


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