Flash Point 34: Two Clops Means NO

It’s an all-aussie host-fest this episode, and we cover all the news of note over the past fortnight whilst still getting waylaid by key topics such as man-bras and Dutch bestiality laws.

Points of discussion:
– New content unveiled at E3
– Changes in SWTOR Community Team (David Bass / Eric Musco)
Character transfers
1.3 on PTS
– Underwhelming Q&A
Star Wars 1313 preview
– Tim’s great piece on why the Empire Can and Must Win
Five Inch Floppy wins an award
– Simon, Mark and David will be at Oz Comic Con – more next episode
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, Google Plus page and Twitter account

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  1. dftgamer says

    Missed out on the new playable race.

  2. The sole source of Daniel Erickson’s claim that sub numbers have not dropped was an interview he did with PC Gamer. Given there was no direct quote, I’ve suspected that he was misinterpreted by the journalist. The direct quotes are consistent with their messaging at the time. But who knows.