Star Wars: 1313 Preview

I’m not even going to attempt to compare what you see below to SWTOR – it’d be a totally unfair comparison. That said, am I the only person that dreams of playing an MMO one day that’s of this level of graphic quality?

Have a look for yourself:

So I’ll say it again: would you pay big money for an MMO that looked like Star Wars: 1313?


  1. dftgamer says:

    Am I the only one hopping about to read the ticker at the bottom?
    “we developed this demo on PC” I hope this means multi-platform and not an excuse for why it’s not this good on the console.
    I’m hoping for something similar to red dead redemption.

  2. Thexder says:

    Dear god, having SWTOR in this detail would be awesome.

  3. Bad_Momentum says:

    aaah *swoon*

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