BioWare unveil new planet and content in SWTOR

With E3 underway, BioWare have unveiled a nice video showing off a new space mission (Space Station Assault), new Operation (Terror from Beyond), new companion (HK-51 Assassin Droid), a new level cap (details unconfirmed), a new Warzone (Ancient Hypergates) and arguably most exciting of all, a whole new world to explore, Makeb.

Have a look at the video for yourself here.

Seeing all this content is encouraging, in that it puts some meat on the bones of BioWare’s claims post-layoffs that there’s heaps more content to come.

On the downside for me, there doesn’t seem to be a great story emphasis on the new content. What I mean by that is that this update doesn’t seem to fall within an overall story arc. It doesn’t even have a name as such, probably because the previewed information isn’t a bundle that’ll be released as a single update. Even so, if there’s a new level cap, there’s obviously a new storyline, and I find it interesting that that’s not the focus. It could be because of the criticisms around end-game content, but surely story should still be the driver?

Of course, there’ll be lots more information drip-fed in coming months, and story may become central to that. In the meantime, it’s good to see what’s up ahead.

Over to you: of the new content revealed, what excites you or leaves you a bit cold?

All we know about this content is that it’s coming in the ‘next year’


  1. I noticed there’s text at the end saying “Coming in July” “Play for free up to level 15”. Another free trial on the way.

  2. Meh, I’m not that impressed. I have officially unsubbed, so theoretically this new expansion type deal should have things to entice me back. The new gear designs look stupid as usual. It just looks like more of the same ol boring stuff. Sorry if I sound negative, but I was once so energised about this game and loving it.

  3. So much for the space game.  That is what’s ruining this game.  

  4. I have nothing negitive to say, I’m really hyped for an expansion.

  5. Mike Marriot says

    I’m looking forward to the content – sounds great. The LFG will be a godsend. I’ve got an alt I’m planning to roll as a tank and level via FPs. New WZ, Operation, planet and a playable race. All good, and I’m excited.

    AS for the future I think BW may be looking at a DLC model for content, which is great.

    Personally I think SWTOR should make the client free (with a restricted 1-60 game free) and then charge for smaller mission/planet/race packs. There are good models for this, and I think Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) offers a good model.

    I believe SWTOR can pull off a LOTRO.

    Remember, LOTRO was THE SWTOR a few years back: a deeply realised world based on a well known IP that sold well, but didn’t pull in the numbers expected. It just couldn’t compete with WOW and small things drove away the player base. LOTRO was also very story driven. Lots of parallels I think.

    When Turbine changed their business model to F2P/microtransactions they game exploded.

    SWTOR may have launched in late 2011, but it began its life in 2007 when things were very different. The industry and world economy has changed. Consumers are far more demanding – perhaps even unreasonably so. They are less prepared to fork out large sums of cash, and feel cheated/disappointed easily.

  6. dftgamer says

    weren’t they announced as a playable race in the future?


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