What to do while the servers are down: 3rd April edition

With the downtime now being seven hours tonight, there’s never been a better time to bombard you with SWTOR-related things to do in the meantime:

1. Enjoy the April Fools prank that was the Ship Droid Game.

2. Check out the pilot episode of BioWare’s official SWTOR podcast. Or – check out our own podcast, with free hiccups.

3. Sith Assasins should definitely check out Tim’s column on tanking.

4. If you own an iPhone or iPad, consider downloading our app which keeps you up to date on both local news and news from a bunch of other great SWTOR sites.

5. If you’re a healer – have a serious think about writing for us – we need you!


  1. Tanks are cool. I was one when I played WoW.