What to do while the servers are down: 20th March 2012

You’re looking at a five-hour standard downtime this week, which is still plenty of time to browse through an enormous amount of SWTOR stuff we’ve covered over the last week:

1. Have a look through the SWTOR Update 1.2 Patch Notes – to say there’s a lot in there is an understatement.

2. Check out the Combat Log coming soon.

3. Have a browse through the latest instalment of Fleet Pass, our weekly SWTOR forum roundup

4. Jump into our newly minted Oceanic Server forums.

5. Debate the melee vs ranged options for Consulars / Inquisitors

6. Read a fascinating piece on SWTOR haters

7. Finally – if you haven’t already we’d still LOVE you to take part in our Reader’s Survey so we can continue to improve in what we do.