Exposing the SWTOR haters for what they are

Over at GameSpy, Leif Johnson has a great piece discussing the amount of venom sprayed at SWTOR, particularly on the official SWTOR forums.

Have a read for yourself. I found there was very very little to disagree with, and it’s an issue that’s fascinated me for a long time. Every single time I log into SWTOR I’m still excited to be doing so and really enjoy the whole experience – and I can only see things getting better.

How about you – is Leif on the money or being too forgiving of BioWare?

[Thanks to Jay over at the SWTOR Gamers of Oceania Facebook group for the heads-up!]


  1. I have not been around here much, well since ToR released.Β  That must tell you something about what I think of ToR!Β  πŸ™‚

  2. The game is EPIC nuff said

  3. You haven’t played endgame if you think there is nothing wrong with swtor

    • Jeff, of course there are things wrong with SWTOR. What the article over at GameSpy says is that all MMOs have issues and this MMO is no worse and likely to end up better πŸ˜‰

    • Johnnydel21 says

      Granted, it used to be buggy at times. Mmos need constant fixing and balancing. Did you really not expect that? The game hasn’t even been out for three months yet! But what is SO wrong with it that you had to post here without any explanation? Can’t say that I’m hugely surprised, as it’s the normal response of a troll. As of the last night our guild is 10/10 for 16 – man Nightmare. We dealt with the bugs when they were there and got through it. I’m personally enjoying the game. Bug fixes almost every week, a major content patch already with yet another only a couple of weeks away. Bioware is certainly on top of things. Can’t wait for what else is on the horizon.