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Mirialol – PvP

★★★[ARENA] – benefits of adding ARENA to SWTOR★★★

Arena is far more competitive and skill-oriented than rated warzones.

Arenas will help keep PvPers subscribed to this game

Arena will help balance this game’s PvP

Arenas are breeding ground for skilled players

SWTOR arena will be EASIER to balance than WoW

Adding arenas will be FINANCIALLY productive for bioware

Arena SHOULD NOT reward players with better gear or advantages of any kind

Arena dailies / weeklies

Arena SHOULD reward players with titles and cosmetic changes.

Publicly available data

1v1 arenas

PhoenixDream – Story & Lore

Females never given flirt options?

My female guildies and I have discovered that playing a female Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, and Trooper toons have basically ZERO flirt options throught the entire game play.

(The only exception is when we meet our courting companion and we flirt about three times and then it is over for the durration of the game.)

Originally we suspected it was simply because of the class we were playing until we learned that our male guildies–who play characters of the same class–have several flirt options all throughout the game. It is not specific to class, it is specific to female characters alone.

We feel this is quite sexist and are very dissapointed that the males of the same class toon have more flirt options.

We ask that you re-think future writings on how the genders are played, and please do not make the females so entirely boring and frigid. Let us have a little more personality.

Thank you.

MuNieK – PvP

To many abilities – piano playing must be reduced…

We want to play some pvp, not be musicians to piano play the keyboard… Consolidate the skills and let us focus on awaraness whats happenign around, teamwork and timing insetad of constant full time piano playing we are forced to do if we want to use all the abilities in pvp… Its just bad design Bioware… PvP should be about reflex and quick thinking, not player vs keybinds tetris or situation where you force people to be clickers due to not enough comfortable hotkeys…

For example jaggernaut immortal:

– taunt enemy attacking our ally
– shield ally being attacked
– intercede ally for more protection
– aoe taunt for reduced dmg to ally
– aoe slow to make pvp with enemy acceptable (slow on ability that is not in main-rotation is also huge mistake – in pvp slow is crucial and should be on all classes’ main abilities)

and thats just to start using actuall combat abilities… wihch also are scattered around to many skills not neccesarily…

Whats the point?


Back & Forth – 1st & 7th posts, thread in General Discussion

No more color restrictions on crystals ?! Really ?


I am playing a Star Wars game and one thing that was iconic to the franchise is definitely the color of crystals tied to the alignment of its user.



Color has-never-been-nor-will-it-ever-be restricted to morality. Lucas himself has confirmed that there is no direct link. The only lore basis for the restrictions was that, in the time of TPM, AotC etc., Sith couldn’t get their hands on natural crystal supplies, and had to use synthetic crystals. Synth crystals (Luke used a synth crystal in RotJ, too, btw) are created by channeling the force through a forge. In the case of darksiders, this creates a crimson-red crystal… but not all synth crystals are red — nor are all the sabers of Sith red. Certainly, the fact that the Sith in the TOR timeline favor purple just as much as red is proof of this.

Frankly, the limits in TOR make absolutely no sense as implemented in the game. They neither preserve the ‘look’ of the films, nor do they have any basis in the lore. You would argue that color is tied to morality as if picking up a green or a blue saber as a darksider would cause it to explode in my hand. Even in the films, time and again we are shown that darksiders can use ‘light’ colors (Anakin/Vader with blue throughout Ep. III, Vader ignited Luke’s green saber in Ep. VI). Similarly, lightsiders can use red… as in the case of Anakin picking up Dooku’s saber to finish him off with.

Getting back on topic, the simple fact of the matter is, there is no canonical basis or otherwise for the current crystal restrictions. They were, quite literally, something Bioware conjured out of thin air. And, what’s worse, they don’t even preserve the look of the films, instead forcing many Jedi to abandon green/blue, and many Sith to forsake red. If you wanted to see more Sith using red, and more Jedi using green/blue as in the films, you should actually support dropping the restrictions.

As it stands now, I believe you simply don’t understand either the lore or the system we’ve got in game.