Legacy Names and Server Transfers: Clarification

There’s been a hell of a lot of interest in what the impact of the free server transfers will have on those who have finalised their legacy names. Stephen Reid has jumped in with some information, albeit with the disclaimer that nothing is finalised:

On question (2), you will be able to transfer multiple characters, although there will be some limitations (eg available slots on a server). Again, more details will come closer to the time, but you will not be limited to one character.

On question (3) the only current restrictions are listed in the FAQ. After transfer:

The character will no longer be a part of its guild – Guilds and guild membership will not be transferred to your new server. You will need to create or join a new guild on your new server.

Your Friends list will be reset – Friend lists are server specific, so you will need to repopulate your list with players from your new server.

Before you transfer your character, it is important to ensure the following:

The character has no items listed on the Galactic Trade Network (auction house) – active Galactic Trade Network listings will not be transferred to your new server.

The character has no items or credits in their mailbox – In-game mail will not be transferred to your new server. Make sure you have removed everything in your mailbox before initiating the transfer. Otherwise, the contents will be lost.

Just as big as the confirmation that legacy names won’t be affected, is the mention that more than one character is able to be transferred for free. As mentioned above, if you’ve got a whole bunch of toons and a server is verging on full, there may be an issue, but for the majority, your couple of alts will be transferred as well.

Over to you: does this put your mind at rest?


  1. Nice

  2. Roonerspism says

    Good news.

  3. Does anyone have an idea of what will happen if we create a Legacy on an Aussie server, and then transfer our mains over from US? For me, I’m not fussed if we lose our Aussie legacy, but I’d rather not see all the effort I’ve put into my main legacy levels lost.