SWTOR oceanic server location confirmed!

You’ll need to listen to our most recent podcast for Stephen Reid’s take on Oceanic servers, but here’s the take-home messages:

1. The servers WILL be physically located in Australia

2. The specific location is unconfirmed at this stage but is likely to be Sydney or Melbourne

3. A broader announcement on local launch will be made in coming days and there will be no great surprises on the launch date.

We’ll have a full transcript of the Q&A up later today, but if you want the info hot off the wires, then listen to the podcast.

UPDATE (29th February 2012): The full details on server names can be found here.


  1. Gibbo McCool says

    Did they mention anything about when server maintenance would be carried out and what kind of arrangements there will be to move existing characters to Oceanic servers.

  2. Hi Gibbo, He mentioned that they would provide a possible free transfer for oceanic people to oceanic servers (no details provided). That information will probably be available sometime next week when they announce the game coming out here.

  3. yes how great i offically quit until the aussie servers come online 🙂

  4. Awesome. I knew I was right to wait until the local release. Low ping from day one! 😀

  5. amazing gonna switch from swiftsure =)

  6. free one time toon transfers too 🙂


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