Flash Point 26: Stephen Reid Q&A Special Edition

This episode we have BioWare’s Senior Community Coordinator, Stephen Reid, jump into the Oceanic bear pit to field questions from the local community.

A wide range of issues were covered and we’re confident Stephen escaped the colonies with his dignity intact – a big thanks to him for taking the time! Do have a listen as there’s some really interesting info in there, including some hard facts on Oceanic servers and a hell of a lot more. We’ll have a summary transcript up this afternoon as well (updated: here it is)

There is a little background noise here and there sorry, but I’ve removed as much of it as possible.

Points of discussion:
– Q&A session with Stephen Reid covering a big range of issues including a confirmation of whether Oceanic servers will be physically located down here
– A brief post Q&A discussion with the TOROZ crew

Listen via iTunes or right here:


  1. Local servers 😀 😀 😀

  2. Any chance of a transcript or summary of Oceanic stuff 😀

  3. good interview, audio was a bit weird though, sounded like everybody was rocking backwards and forwards from their mic!

  4. aussie aussie aussie says

    hell yeah aussie servers wooot hopefully lag free 😀


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