Position Vacant: Flash Point Co-Host

You may not have followed the thread on our forums or heard our discussion on Episode 11 of Flash Point, but we’re in the hunt for a third amigo / amigoette to join as co-host for our self-award winning fornightly podcast.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

1. Someone Oceanic i.e. someone based in Australia, New Zealand or close by that can legitimately claim to be Oceanic. If you’re an expat overseas, you’re certainly welcome to apply.

2. Someone who has a decent working knowledge of Star Wars lore. It doesn’t need to be encyclopaedic, as we already have someone covering that (Hi Ed!). We also don’t need a dunderhead with barely a grasp of the Star Wars Universe outside of the movies and toys (hey, I resemble that remark!).

3. Someone who is confident to talk publicly. What I mean by this is not only do you need to have an obvious personality, but you need to be able to talk coherently, without endless ‘ums’, ‘ahhs’ and so on. Don’t worry if you think you sound silly, that’s for me to determine, but do make sure you can come across at least as well as Ed or I – it’s a pretty low base to work from so I’m sure you’ll be ok. Just as an aside for regular listeners: I do edit the podcast to remove the odd long pause or excessive um. You don’t have to be perfect by any means but there’s a limit!

4. Someone who is opinionated. If you just tend to agree with whatever someone else says, please don’t apply…..

5. Someone who is female. This isn’t absolutely compulsory but I think some sort of gender balance would be nice. If you’re not of the female persuasion please don’t let that put you off applying. And please, no genital removal to become female unless you were going to have it done anyway by a reputable surgeon. We don’t pay enough to warrant something as drastic as that.

6. Speaking of pay, you need to be willing to work for nothing – at least for now. If accepted to be a co-host you would receive an equal share (after costs) of any revenue the podcast generates. At present that is zero but we can only dream!

If I haven’t turned you off applying, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a 1-3 minute sound file of yourself talking. That piece should be an introduction piece saying a little bit about yourself, where your based and what you’re looking forward to with SWTOR. Basically sell yourself. If for some reason you can’t record yourself, then drop me a line via email to discuss a live Skype hookup.

2. Email said 3 minute piece to contact@toroz.com.au that includes details on your hours or days of availability to record the podcast.

Applications close Friday 22nd July at 8pm AEST.