SWTOR: Full of Gungans!

Nothing in the Star Wars Universe draws more derision than Jar Jar Binks and his brethren, the Gungans.

SWTOR thankfully doesn’t feature the race, but it’s part of a comic called ‘The Dangers of a Star Wars MMO’ and you and check it out right here.

For what it’s worth, I think they’ve captured the nature of George Lucas perfectly!

Jon Stewart interviews George Lucas

Via the Kansas City Star: The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart will be interviewing George Lucas as part of Celebration V, the festivities marking the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. The event kicks off on August 12th at the Orange Country Convention Center in the United States.

The obvious question: how do we get Jon Stewart to fire some SWTOR questions at George Lucas? Sure, it wouldn’t be the most appropriate forum but public occasions like this are too good an opportunity to miss. Jon Stewart is obviously a Star Wars fan so is it too big a stretch to think he might be counting down until SWTOR is released 😉 You can actually submit your own questions for the interview – so get cracking!