Explosive Conflict Hard Mode 3/4 – Oceanic First?

Oceanic Guild Midian have had a cracker of a week tackling Explosive Conflict in Hard Mode, and as of tonight have got quite a ways. They’ve downed three out of four to be exact, knocking over Denova this evening:

Here’s the full details from Midian’s site:

After multple 3-5% wipes on Firebrand and Stormcaller on Sunday night our core team returned to Denova on Monday with the right mindset and group composition. With only a few wipes we managed to kill them before enrage hit, this fight will test your co-ordination and execution as a raiding team.

Following on to Colonel Vorgath there was some noticable changes in the fight however nothing we couldn’t handle, this was mainly a DPS check and the strat used was slightly different again to increase our DPS as required.

Good work to everyone on managing Server/Oceanic First 3/4 16HM Denova, we are going to push hard for Kephess next reset and hopefully claim the Server & Oceanic first kills for him 16HM.

Well done folks!