And so it begins: SWTOR early access

Just on 30 minutes ago early access commenced and I’m pleased to report I gained access in the first round. Good luck to everyone else hoping to get in today. For those that don’t, be patient, it will happen. Here’s a screen shot of my primary toon, a Consular as planned. Say hi to Wheezinhenry!

Of course, we’ll continue to report on all the movements in early access and don’t forget if you want to hang out with Oceanic players, check out which are the unofficial Oceanic PvE servers and the single PvP server.

SWTOR early game access: 5 days

Bioware have just snuck out another announcement for those who have pre-ordered SWTOR, to confirm how early the promised early access to the game would be. The maximum head-start you’ll get will be five days, depending on how early you registered your pre-order code.

I have to say I’m disappointed, purely out of self-interest. I was relying on early game access to be the buffer that ensured my boxed copy arrived from the US prior to launch. It’s very unlikely to get here in five days though (particularly if the plane pictured is used).

It’s no-one’s fault as such – Australia isn’t part of the launch territories and for those people that are in the launch areas, five days is more than reasonable.

And I won’t get into the whole launch territories issue again I promise.

One important point to reinforce: it doesn’t matter if you purchased the Collector’s Edition or the normal box, you’re in the same queue for early access. I’ve confirmed this with Stephen Reid this morning via Twitter.

Over to you: are you now planning on December 15th as your launch date?