Darth Vader Delivers Pizza: A 12 Year Old Makes Their Dad Very Proud

Your friendly Star Wars: The Old Republic correspondent is a bit proud today. Whilst having a friend over for a sleepover, the two kids decided to make a movie about a story they’d made up. It just happened that Darth Vader got to play a cameo, including this carefully crafted prop:

(click on pic for full size)


There had been no prompting by me, though I was more than happy to whack on my Darth Vader mask and play the role of pizza boy.

There’s hope for this generation after all.

Darth Vader in Love

Time for some pre-Xmas humour, courtesy of the evergreen Darth Vader. I hadn’t seen this 2009 piece from the The Peter Serafinowicz Show, but it’s a corker:

Put your hand up if you’d buy a Commander Larkin suit? I mean female readers of course – I don’t want an affirmative answer from anyone else.

A true Star Wars Christmas

No, I’m talking about getting through the first 25 levels or so of SWTOR by the 25th December. I’m talking about this obvious display of Xmas affection with a distinctly Sith tinge:

A Xmas tree that cool would just remove my Grinch attitude to the season, how about you?

[via Gail Muir]

Demotivational Darth Vader

Just a quick post with some broader Star Wars humour. I love me a good (de)motivational poster and they don’t get much better than this one:

With thanks to http://verydemotivational.memebase.com/