The Casual SWTORian: Post Patch 1.2

The Casual SWTORian is dedicated each week to those who don’t have the time to immerse themselves in game developments but instead want a very simple roundup of things happening and stuff on the horizon. If you like what you read, tell our casual guru Ken.

With the Asia-Pacific Server Transfer Details Released and the website receiving a facelift some could be deceived into thinking Bioware had delivered all they could this week. But ye be wrong. They also threw at us, like a giant brick, the mostly weekly Q&A and a page telling us they redesigned the website. And so I give you, your gold:

Keldain: Love the stuff for 1.2! I think you guys are doing a great job on addressing the issues of the community. Just one thing I would really like an update on: is there any movement on getting an option to toggle hoods on and off?

Damion Schubert: (Principal Lead Systems Designer):This is totally in the plan, but we are unsure at this time when it will get to you.


Pierre-olivier: Will it be possible to create a guild uniform or get a distinctive sign. I mean other than the name displayed above the character?

Damion: At some point, this will be possible. No ETA yet, but we have a design fleshed out.


TheCritter: If I delete a character with Legacy unlocks do I lose those unlocks? For example, if I have a human female Sniper at level 50 with Act 3 completed will I lose the race unlock, Heroic Ability, and class emote for my other characters if I delete her?

Damion: You will keep all unlocks that you have managed to unlock so far.


This week I would like to give a shout out to the National Transport and Toy Museum in New Zealand and to the TOROZ podcast. As always, If you feel I missed anything feel free to comment below or you can start a religious debate – your choice.