Holy Smackaroli: a real SWTOR Collector’s Edition!

I’m really pushing the envelope by reporting this as news, but I know some people at least will find it interesting.

Bioware’s Stephen Reid has tweeted a link to a picture of a SWTOR Collector’s Edition at Fan Site Summit #2.

So here it is:

I will again admit I wish I’d ordered this version rather than the boring normal version…

UPDATE: thanks to TOR-Wars – there’s now an unboxing video:

SWTOR Fansite Summit #2 underway

The second SWTOR Fansite Summit is underway in Austin Texas, and the zany duo from TOR Wars have posted some pics of the first evening.

Yes, we’d have loved to have been there but there was the issue of 13,000 plus kilometres and an understandable non-invite for that reason. Interestingly we’d missed the furore over who was invited or not invited over the weekend – some are saying there’s a schism in the SWTOR community over it – I don’t have anything sane to say on the issue as we’ve already got a persecution syndrome due to the Oceanic area missing out on being in the official launch territories ; -)

Anyway, go look at some photos or post in the comments what you’d do/say if you were there. Keep it clean please ; -)

SWTOR Fansite summit aftermath

Picture courtesy of TOR Syndicate

The two-day fansite summit has concluded, with those invited receiving some good hands-on time with the game and access to key personnel for Q&A sessions.

Each attendee site has posted an exclusive shot from the game. Here’s a round-up of the best content posted from the sites so far:

1. TOR Syndicate

– video of the Q&A session with SWTOR writers
– audio from three other Q&A sessions

2. Darth Hater

– Q&A audio
– detailed impressions of the Black Talon Flashpoint, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent
– pics taken at the summit

3. Torocast

– gameplay impressions
– Black Talon Flashpoint impressions
– Imperial Agent impressions

4. SWTOR Life

– Crew skills Q&A video
– general impressions

5. Ask a Jedi

– Bioware Austin tour
– Videos of Q&A sessions

6. TOR Wars

– Q&A videos
– incriminating photos posts
– live podcast from the summit

7. Corellian Run Radio

– impressions
– interview on forum polls
– Q&A sessions

I’ve no doubt I’ve missed something so feel free to add further links in comments and I’ll update. I’m also hoping to announce the date of the Australia / New Zealand hands-on event soon. Well we can dream can’t we?

From reading and viewing most of the content, the take-home message is that the drip-feed of information has become a trickle now. There’s nothing that screams ‘imminent release’ to me but the stated 2011 timeframe still seems realistic. Join us for Episode 5 of the podcast for lots more discussion of the summit, including (hopefully) a guest who attended the summit.