SWTOR Fansite summit aftermath

Picture courtesy of TOR Syndicate

The two-day fansite summit has concluded, with those invited receiving some good hands-on time with the game and access to key personnel for Q&A sessions.

Each attendee site has posted an exclusive shot from the game. Here’s a round-up of the best content posted from the sites so far:

1. TOR Syndicate

– video of the Q&A session with SWTOR writers
– audio from three other Q&A sessions

2. Darth Hater

– Q&A audio
– detailed impressions of the Black Talon Flashpoint, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent
– pics taken at the summit

3. Torocast

– gameplay impressions
– Black Talon Flashpoint impressions
– Imperial Agent impressions

4. SWTOR Life

– Crew skills Q&A video
– general impressions

5. Ask a Jedi

– Bioware Austin tour
– Videos of Q&A sessions

6. TOR Wars

– Q&A videos
– incriminating photos posts
– live podcast from the summit

7. Corellian Run Radio

– impressions
– interview on forum polls
– Q&A sessions

I’ve no doubt I’ve missed something so feel free to add further links in comments and I’ll update. I’m also hoping to announce the date of the Australia / New Zealand hands-on event soon. Well we can dream can’t we?

From reading and viewing most of the content, the take-home message is that the drip-feed of information has become a trickle now. There’s nothing that screams ‘imminent release’ to me but the stated 2011 timeframe still seems realistic. Join us for Episode 5 of the podcast for lots more discussion of the summit, including (hopefully) a guest who attended the summit.


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