Aussie Planetside 2 Servers: November 1st

Good news for local PS2 players. Sony Entertainment Online’s President, John Smedley, has tweeted some further news on Aussie Planetside 2 servers for the game:

Aussie Planetside 2 Servers

So it looks like in just over a week you’ll have some rather nice ping times compared to North American servers, although the game itself doesn’t officially launch until the 20th November. That said, are you pumped?

[via Alex at the Gamers of Oceania Facebook Group]

A Peek Into The Planetside 2 Beta: Night Fights

A PS2 beta tester has posted a short vid of a night battle in the game. How nice does this look:

What say you potential PS2 players: do you like what you see?

Thanks to Alex for the heads-up!

PlanetSide 2 Australian Servers: Smedley Says Maybe

Following up from our PlanetSide 2 beta story, Sony Online Entertainment’s President, John Smedley has tweeted something pretty interesting:

Sounds like there’s a chance of local servers, so I’d be making it clear to John Smedley that you’re damn keen for the game by registering for the beta, or jumping on Twitter or Facebook and making your feelings known!