The Week In Destiny

UntitledIt’s time to stop staring into caves and hoping it will become loot cave 3.0 and read about the latest week in Destiny

While news has been very slow this week, there is still a little bit to talk about.

First, Extra Life is coming up very soon, and the guys over at Guardian Radio have setup some fund raising in Destiny which Bungie themselves are getting behind.

Deej is back again with another weekly update – this time you get a little insight in to how the Iron Banner is supposed to be working. In my opinion and others, it is not as originally described, but that has at least allowed me to get to rank one (you only need your team to win 4 matches to rank up). If you want to provide Bungie some feedback on the iron banner, you can do that too. Also I liked the little tease of some more audio options (being able to turn down the music so I can hear my fire-teammates would be ideal), as well as the talk of some more updates to come soon.

A Hot Fix has hit today. I’m sure a lot of people will be upset about their auto rifles copping a nerf. Also getting hit by the nerf bat is Shotguns, their range effectively being reduced. And for those of you running the raid, you’re going to have to avoid your “sniper pillar” strategy from now on. But it isn’t all bad as Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons are receiving a buff.

Almost half a million players have completed the Vault of Glass raid. 472,082 to be exact. That’s about a quarter of the 1,970,807 that have launched themselves head first in to vault’s depths. Something that’s even more impressive is the fact that 3.2 million players login daily to play in Destiny, about half of the daily traffic WoW sees.

Finally, just a point of note, the game officially became one month old last week.

That’s it for another week, good luck in the crucible Guardians and hopefully next week we have some new updates and events to talk about.