It’s The End Of The World: TSW To Go F2P?

Regular readers will know that to a tee the team here who have played The Secret World love it. For the first time I think I have some more insight into why it’s so good: the sense of humour in the team behind it.

TSW’s Game Director Joel Bylos (link to our podcast interview with him here) has created part 1 of a video log, and I have to say it’s a hell of a lot of fun:

There’ll be lots of talk about the scene where Joel argues for the subscription fee to be dropped from TSW. To me it seems part of the humour and context of the piece rather than a very obvious int on a near-term move to Free-To-Play. It could also mean a period of time of free access for everyone to attract more players.. Finally, it could be the start of the move to F2P done in a funny way, but my money’s on one of the first two options.

Do you agree?


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