Flash Point 46: Frozen Jawas On A Stick

We’re really pleased to welcome back Kristy, who’ll be joining the regular co-host team. Lots to talk about this episode as well!

Points of discussion:

– 1.5 / F2P in-depth
– Cathar as first species on Cartel Market
– impact on subscriber numbers

– Seeking feedback on continuing GW2 discussion on podcast otherwise will cease covering it
– Lost Shores update
– Refer a friend

– Episode #4 overview and initial impressions (link for preview video)
– Discussion on Albion Theatre

– Monking around
– Project Titan

Marvel Heroes Developer Update (where I repeatedly say the story writer is Mark Millar when in fact it’s Brian Michael Bendis – sorry!)

– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Twitter account, Simon’s Twitter account and Kristy’s Blog.

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  1. I’ve been playing on the EU server a little bit with some old swg friends and so far the origin world pops have been regularly over 200 +. similar numbers with the fleet. The Red Eclipse also had the first Q i’ve seen on there.