The Secret World Issue #4 Preview Video

Hot off the presses, a six-plus minute video for the upcoming Issue #4 content update: Big Trouble in the Big Apple. It covers off graphically all the previously announced new content, including the PvP changes we talked about earlier this week.

Jump in and have a look for yourself:

There’s not a lot in there to dislike, and I applaud the innovation / sandbox nature of the Albion Theatre although the cynic in me wonders how successfully it’ll be used.

Over to you: is Issue #4 appealing to you and if so, which parts in particular?


  1. Kristy Green says

    I’m squeaking like a little girl right now. It’s a fun feeling.

    Although sadly now I’m going to have to pick a side and focus because I want to raid!

    hmm, I’m thinking Dragon.

  2. And its live as of tomorrow πŸ˜€ <3


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