Flash Point 45: The Infinite Boxes

This week we have special co-host Kristy jumping on to the road to nowhere!

Points of discussion:

– Unexpected downtime last week
– 1.5 update on the PTS and where are the pre-mades for testing??

– Kristy’s Halloween stalker
– Halloween event
– General impressions on GW2
– Ask for feedback from listeners on whether we should continue GW2 coverage?

– Halloween event
– More pro-game raving

– MoP end-game
– 5.1 on the horizon
– confirmation of a further WoW expansion

– Disney’s buy out of LucasFilm discussion
– Judge Dredd 3D mini-review
– Assorted pop culture chat

– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Twitter account, Simon’s Twitter account and Kristy’s Blog.

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  1. I don’t think Halloween belongs in Australia either David don’t worry.

  2. Meh! If Halloween doesn’t belong here, neither does Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas. Halloween likely began as a pagan festival (ie. Samhain) and was adopted by the Christian church. All Hallows Eve, or Hallowe’en is the day before Hallowmas (also known as All Hallows Day or All Saints Day. I’ve got no objection to people rejecting the festival, but I do get annoyed by people rejecting it because it’s ‘American’. It isn’t, they simply preserved old traditions that were prevalent in Britain at the time their country was created. By the time Australia was founded those traditions had diminished in Britain so we subsequently didn’t inherit them.

    • My city hosting events for the Day of the Dead which was fun and I hope they do something again next year. This can be a fun time of year.
      However I do have a problem with Hallowe’en in Australia and it isn’t the festival itself but that we are inheriting the way American’s celebrate it without actually understanding it. We just copy what we see on television and movies and sadly it isn’t real and means nothing.
      Just because I don’t like Hallowe’en doesn’t mean I am rejecting the idea or concept or it’s history, however I do reject how it’s currently done.
      I have no complaints with schools/churchs/communities and other entities doing Hallowe’en stuff. You should remember though that none of the events you mentioned have the same invasive qualities as Hallowe’en currently does here.
      I say bring Hallowe’en here but not if it means going knocking on every door in the neighbourhood demanding candy and freaking out people that are home alone who should have their peace and privacy respected.


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