SWTOR Servers Down: Is It Sandy?

UPDATE 7: 10.10pm AEDT – The SWTOR website is up and reports of people being able to get back in game. No word from BioWare on what went wrong.

UPDATE 6: 9.40pm – the official SWTOR Twitter account has finally confirmed the issue:

We are aware some players can’t access bit.ly/SuYweu and experience login issues. We are working on resolving it as soon as possible.

UPDATE 5: 9.31pm AEDT – Thanks to Ken posting in comments:

Just called Customer service. They are aware of a problem, but they have received no info from their higher ups. They also werent aware that the call center they routed calls to for “technical” service is down as well.

UPDATE 4: 9.15pm AEDT – Well over 2 hours since the outage and no official acknowledgement.

UPDATE 3: 8.45pm AEDT – No acknowledgement from BioWare as yet.

UPDATE 2: 8.20pm AEDT – multiple confirmations that people who were logged in at time of the issue are still able to play. Also confirmation from numerous players in US and EU of issues. No confirmation from BioWare at this stage.

UPDATE: 8.00pm AEDT- Other EA sites appear to be working but reports from EU and some US players say they can’t access the game or site either.

This evening local players have found they can’t access the SWTOR patcher or SWTOR.com. Reports started coming in around 7pm AEDT and things are still not up and running. There’s no confirmation at all on the issue but one suggestion is it’s ex-Hurricane Sandy impacting things US-side.

Are you able to log in or were you lucky enough to be in-game and are still there? Let us know in comments. We’ll update here all evening as we find out more or things change.


  1. Yep still in game but neither GF or PVP que’s are poping & nobody can login atm.

  2. I’m in game but those that left game for dinner or other tasks around 6pm weren’t able to relog in.

  3. Down in Aust, EU and America according to this;

  4. a storm is stuffing with my gaming time from halfway around the world?!? 🙁

  5. Sergeant Liberty says

    Nope LOCKED Down. SWOTR actual is also down. Google cannot find anything. Google asked if it wanted me to check cache because site is just not published at all

  6. Sergeant Liberty says

    Can someone keep this updates? send Swotr a message while in game? through the report option? Because I cannot even log into main website to find out anything. Its just not there :S http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=swotr&d=4561230296975470&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=85b697cc,8e21b44a

  7. Fuck the patcher server, it was a fucking retardet idea to bind the launcher to that stupid thing, If we atleast could enter our password and press login, it whould maybe work. The error is that the launcher wont even read what patch you have, so it basicly shuts down. This is to safeguard against pirating and it will always end up fucking us gamers in the ass.

  8. Have anyone also noticed, that swtor.com is probably the most sensetive thing that exist in this world? Granted theres a storm now, so understandble. I’m just saying its obviously too much to expect that they can have the webpage on at the same time the patcher server is down. Thats fucking magic, no, every maintaince need to be extended AND we need to shutdown everything. The only way to get information from us is from twitter, but we’re not tweeting today, no sir!
    It feels like there’s one guy running this whole game on one fucking server, and he lives in US thats why we in EU need to stick out with your maintaince scheduals.
    If this was the case everything whould make sense to me.

  9. Screwed….
    First I was able to login and play, but not on public test server… So tried again and nothing worked at all! And that time on the public test server showed the begin movie again…. So wtf…

  10. Im glad I’m not the only one expriencing this aggravating patcher problem. I can’t access the site either, so I’m left here scratching my head.

  11. Just called Customer service. They are aware of a problem, but they have received no info from their higher ups. They also werent aware that the call center they routed calls to for “technical” service is down as well.

  12. I wonder if we’ll get extra game time for free? or something, there just seems to be always something wrong after a maintenance or patch window of late

  13. I haven’t been able to get in for at least 3 hours now…

  14. I was just checking to see if the serves were up, and the freaking site was down. How could I know if the servers were up if the freaking site that tells me is down. Thanks for the updates.

  15. We do not deserve free time for gods wish! Bioware has nothing to do with this storm its aaaalll our lord above us! The end is near and its the arabs fault, and the gays.

    The lord is striking the home of Barrack Osama Laden hussain bin terrorist.
    And his wrath is so great that you can’t play this game, this is how serious he is at the moment.

    Vote Bachman! She is our only saviour.

  16. I f*cking hope i m compensated for all those f*cking downtimes…or its gtfo and guild wars 2 all the way

  17. so swtor.com not working. swtor login not working – we should check the forums, but hey the swtor.com is not working so no forum could be reached…

  18. Lift your Game SWTOR says

    I get very limited time to play, between work and a young family. Tonight, the missus went to bed early to catch some much needed shut-eye, and I tried to log on to SWTOR to get a couple of hours of trying to get my lvl 45 sorc a bit closer to my first character to hit 50 with some pvp and pve. My window is tight as I have to feed the baby at around 10.30pm ADST then colapse and grab a few hours sleep before work…and server and website down. If it is the storm, ok, but let us know. If not some advice on what and how long…? Hillarious US Disney conspiracy theories aside, FFS. My friend keeps bugging me to play WOW. Maybe those pandas aren’t so stupid after all…

  19. Still can’t access patcher or the main site (can’t see anything about it on their supposed Twitter account either).

  20. Why is everything down including website. Did someone accidently press the shutdown button on everything Bio-ware owns or something.

  21. been in the game the whole time

  22. Problems have been sorted out. Happy gaming!

  23. I’ve just managed to log back in

  24. i recieved word that apparently all servers are running. however there is a DNS server failing so swtor.com cannot be resolved to a ip address. the patcher needs to get a update list from manifest.swtor.com . thats why nothing works for eastern us and european users

  25. Try the following fix:

    If you switch to Opendns it still works fine. Here’s a how-to in case anyone has problems:


  26. NEWS!!!!! the issue has been RESOLVED!!!!!!