SWTOR: Terror From Beyond Story Mode – Gear Clarification

When we first ran our story on the new Terror from Beyond Operation, some readers asked what gear would be dropped in Story Mode.

BioWare have come up with an answer that’s pretty clear:

I asked Jesse Sky (Lead Flashpoints and Operations Designer) what kind of gear players should be in to attempt Story Mode and what kinds of rewards they’ll receive for doing so. He said that the gear requirements for Story Mode are similar to those for Story Mode Explosive Conflict. It’s balanced for Columi and drops Rakata, but will also speed up the acquisition of Black Hole gear. Hard Mode is balanced for players who have geared past Hard Mode Explosive Conflict.

So there you go!

Over to you: is that what you expected? It seems a fairly reasonable balance to me…


  1. Sounds about right. Now they just need to hint at a release date in order to keep me subbing!

  2. thats terrible – Im so glad I just quit. There are so many guilds out there that grind HM Denova. They really needed to have the SM gear progression start at black hole/campaign and have the HM be the new gear.