SWTOR: More Info On Terror From Beyond

Mega Garden Slug Will Slime Your Ass!

BioWare have posted a developer update on the latest piece of end-game content coming in Game Update 1.4: Terror From Beyond.

Here’s a brief snippet:

This Operation introduces the next tier of progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic, including a new set of PvE gear. The hard difficulty mode for Terror From Beyond is balanced for players wearing a full set of Campaign gear, which can be acquired from Operation: Explosive Conflict. Augments will become increasingly more important the deeper you get into Terror from Beyond. Story mode will be available for players who just want to see the sights, but it’s no walk in the park.

Read the whole thing here. There’s no word as to when this will be on the PTS but be assured we’ll let you know when it is.

Over to you: is there anything in this info that has you interested in particular beyond the fact it’s new end-game content? Share your thoughts!


  1. I would be keen to know what the story mode requirements would be for this new operation (as in gear requirements). Would it be a full set of rakata or even rakata/blackhole?

    The other issue I have is when we start down this new operation what will happen to all our BH coms. Will they become useless? I know people who I run ops with that have hundreds of these that are doing nothing.

    I am glad they have thrown us a bone and maybe it will keep me around but if it doesn’t arrive in the next few months I will probably cancel my sub for Panda time!


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