Flash Point 41: Short Rant Is Feasible

We’re back with some good in-depth chat on SWTOR 1.4, TSW Issue #2

Points of discussion:

– 1.4 update on PTS
– Shout-out to Jem for her great Mercernary/Commando 1.4 expert panel
– Speculation on 1.4 dropping this week
– Remaining active SWTOR podcasts discussion (Reddit link)

– State of the Game updates
GW2 Economy post
– GW2 forums
– approach to client updates
– general impressions

Issue #2 content update
– general impressions and having fun in Polaris and Inferno

– Patch 5.05
– Theramore event
– Pandaria anticipation

Marvel Heroes
– quick progress update

Wii U release schedule in Australia

– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Twitter account and Simon’s Twitter account.

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  1. Eds laugh is no where near as annoying as his pauses. His whinge about 1.4 was OK, but there was too much dead air from his pauses.

  2. Ed, with the commando your dps gear can be used as healers gear. My gear I run at bout 34% crit 38% tech crit with about 670 bonus healing and I think that equals about 1k bonus damage. I play manly a healer since i respecced about 5 months ago but if need be i can change over to dps.
    All comes down to how your gear is set up but it can be done.

  3. Something I forgot to mention about Marvel Heroes. The Closed Beta is to start Oct 1. If you are interested in having a crack, make sure you sign up for the updates on https://marvelheroes.com/ They will send out emails on the day, which will allow you to create a profile whereby you can put your sweaty palm up for being a potential beta tester.