The Secret World Issue #2: Content Update Video Preview

It’s arrived: in the next number of hours we’ll see the latest content update for TSW drop. Ahead of that, Funcom have released a tasty developer preview of what’s coming. It’s narrated by Lead Content Designer (and by the sound of his voice, expatriate Aussie), Joel Bylos:

So the summary of new content highlighted in the video:

1. New missions including investigation missions, an auxiliary weapon mission and Lair action missions
2. New auxiliary ability wheel
3. Rocket launcher abilities: Big Red Button (large damage single focus), Cluster Strike (AoE)
4. 8th ability slot
5. Ockham’s Razor barber shop in London (change hairstyle and makeup – double the number of hairstyle than currently)
6. Modern Prometheus in New York (for a facelift)
7. Nightmare modes for new dungeons: The Facility and Hell Eternal

For those at work or other locations where YouTube’s an issue, here’s some assorted pics from the new content (click on pics for full size):

Fancy a facelift? New York’s the place to go…

Facelift Part 2: The Barbershop in London

Rocket Launcher as ‘diplomacy’ with the Secret World

More diplomacy

I feel all United Nations right about now…

Over to you: do you like what you see??


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