Guild Wars 2: 3-Day Headstart Launches

For those who pre-purchased GW2, access to the game started at 2pm today AEST, a little ahead of the 5pm formal start as the servers opened up.

I jumped in pretty much from the start and as expected, was greeted with rather a large crowd of toons:

Lag has been minimal given the server loads, so kudos to ArenaNet there. There are some queues but that’s to be expected as well.

Other key bits of info for oceanic players to keep in mind:

Unofficial Oceanic Server: Sea of Sorrows
Unofficial secondary oceanic server: Gate of Madness
Guild Wars 2 Server List: here
Guild Wars 2 Guilds List: here
Guild Wars Oceanic Facebook Page: here

Over to you: tell those without the early access how you’re finding the game!


  1. Forceslinger says

    Was eventually able to transfer to SoS after needing to start on another server.. fingers crossed the login issues are fixed quickly..