Oceanic Guild Spotlight: Aftermath

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Name of guild

Aftermath (Mirror Guild: MDK) [Dalborra]

Guild website


History of your guild’s name?

There were a group of 8 of us who were pugging Ops together on Saturday afternoons. We’d laugh and joke and pull some more mobs and suddenly hours would have passed and almost everything on Ziost Shadow would be dead – including EC SM. When most of our respective guildies got lost in D3 we decided to form our own. Honestly, I wanted to call the guild Colin or Steven or something really banal just so we wouldn’t get stuck on the name. Aftermath was on a list of truly terrible names Takayo came up with – Cool Whip, Wheels of Steel, Walk the Earth (lolololol) – but when he got to Aftermath I said, ‘Yea, no one will be embarassed by that one”.

What sort of guild are you? 

We’re a progression raiding guild in the sense that we love the strategy, challenge and teamwork required to raid at level, and we all chase that “woot” feeling you get from downing a boss that was a little bit hard, but we’re not hard-core. There’s no raid meters or guild hierarchies or anyone pushing you to gear up or be better. We’re more a collection of individuals that take personal pride in the way we play. We love SWTOR and get together a couple of times a week to accomplish something and have a laugh along the way. We have our share of PvPers, alt-o-holics, crafters etc but raiding is our core.

What are the achievements that your guild is most proud of?

I think that we’ve accidentally managed to assemble a group of really fantastic players that are lively, fun and so far from elitist it’s scary, yet we still manage to clear whatever raid we set our mind to within a lock-out.

I mean, Mayce yells “Allah Ayakabah” every time he wails on Kephess’ Strider because he believes you do more dps that way, the list of things Selk blames Jet for (right before a boss pull) now includes childhood obesity, Spencer Pratt, One Nation and the failure of the Treaty of Coruscant! And despite the jokes and frivolity the team cleared EC SM in half-Columi the first week they went in there. I think having fun makes you a better player.

Why did you choose to be Empire?

I’m sure if you asked everyone individually they’d give you a very intelligent and articulate rationale for why they chose to play Imperial, but secretly I suspect it’s the fashion. After all who’d choose tights over a long, black, dastardly cape and rocket shoes?

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

If you’re sick of sitting on the sidelines or your raid getting called due to no-shows and looking for a permanent place in regular as clockwork raids on a slightly zany, but highly skilled and very friendly raiding team, then please consider us. We’re a skilled, reliable, democratic, no-fuss team that really gets things done without taking ourselves too seriously.

Are you recruiting at the moment and if so what classes / type of players are you looking for?

Always! At the moment we’re looking for a few more people to complete our 16-man team so we can get everyone geared up through 8 man EC HMs, 16 mans and move onto Nightmare Pilgrim. I’d sell my mother for a couple more tanks but, honestly, anyone who loves raiding, progressing, achievements and loves getting together with a friendly, down-to-earth crew a couple of nights a week, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously while they do it, is going to love it in Aftermath.

What are your predictions for the next 6 months for the guild?

I imagine we’ll stay relatively small and keep doing what we’re doing. We don’t want to do the things large guilds have to do to keep everyone happy – rotate people out, continue farming old content indefinitely to gear up a never-ending stream of new recruits, constantly jostle and tweak the raids to suit too many varied tastes, styles and schedules.

I think for this reason, there’s a lot of recruitment competition and guild shuffling on Dalborra right now. Quite a few guilds are able to mount a half a team or a team and half – us included and are scooping up anyone with a view to sorting it out later. We’re going to stay focussed on keeping 4 tanks, 4 healers and 8 dps happy for now.