First character transfer servers announced

With the first batch of character transfers about to get underway, BioWare have announced which servers will be eligible to transfer:

Keller’s Void (PVE – US East)
Hedarr Soongh (PVP – US East)
Soresu (PVE – US West)
Rakata Mind Prison (PVP – US West)
Stereb Cities (PVE – Europe)
Eye of Ashlanae (PVE – Europe)
Phateem Halls of Knowledge (PVE – Europe)
The Restoration Zone (PVP – Europe)
The Shadow Runner (PVP – Europe)
Mecrosa Order (PVP – Europe)

If you go to your Account Management tab on, you can see the destination servers, which at this stage are:

Keller’s Void to Jedi Covenant
Hedarr Soongh to The Fatman
Eye of Ashlanae to The Red Eclipse
The Shadow Runner to Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Rakata Mind Prison to The Bastion
Soresu to The Harbinger
Mecrosa Order to Darth Nihilus
Stereb Cities to The Jedi Tower
The Restoration Zone to Jar’Kai Sword
Phateem Halls of Knowledge to Mantle of the Force

It’s obviously a short list, but its understandable for a first try at transfers, but it looks like it may be quite a wait for some.

Over to you: are you waiting for a transfer?