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JoventhGonzalez – General Discussion
Weekly Forum Thread Round-Up Discussion: May 17th, 2012
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Swtor confusing. Bonus missions, heroics, flashpoints. I’m stressed. Suggestions ; )
I originally posted this on MMORPG.Com, about Bonus Missions and though it might be useful here.
I want to say ahead of time I think this game is amazing, and will keep getting better and better. This is probably
my biggest problem with the game, and with RPG’S in general and that’s why I posted it.

Cutting confusion/ organization is one major things that could help the game survive longer……..Please forgive me if I’m a little bit cynical/angry/bitter/mean. I’m really not this is just rooted out of the stress from playing the game deeply

Please, Please Read



Lets say you had to kill The Blob. Well that sould take forever, his Blobness is all over everything. He covers half your city. You don’t even know where to start.

That is how it feels to play SWTOR.

But what if The Blob and his trail of mess you had to kill was divided into sections? Maybe he had five kids, and wasn’t as big. Also you have an I-Phone app that locates each Blob Child ; ). Problem is with SWTOR….the “I-Phone” App is confusing and a little messy….

Here is how you eliminate The SWTOR Blob… (again no offense to creators, game is great)

Yoomazir – General Discussion

Will Bioware bring playable races that doesn’t look like colored humans?
I’ll be honest, I played Star Wars Galaxies for like 1 month (the game was like 10 bucks with 1 month free) and there was something I really enjoyed: Playing as an Ithorian bounty hunter.

So I started playing this game like 1 week ago and I was kinda disappointed to see that the only playables races basically look like your average human with flashy colors and “alien” appendices.
There is also something else that kinda felt awkward to me, there aren’t enough alien npcs wandering around, the whole game feels kinda “humans in space only” .

I haven’t followed much what Bioware has in stock for the future, but I would really like to think they will bring a little more fantasy content instead of the 90% human population/10% “alien” races in this game lorewise, along with having the possibility of having an ithorian bounty hunter

Anyway, that was just my 2 cents, overall I’m having fun with this game, not the ultimate mmorpg, but fun nontheless.


Back & Forth – PvP

Just wondering for those that are FOTM Rerollers if you ever feel kind of guilty or ashamed that instead of staying loyal to the class your originally leveled you choose to instead level a FOTM class instead. I’m just trying to understand the mentality of a FOTM reroller.

Oh hey i found the answer to your question. It was in another thread created by you titled “Will be rerolling Marauder in 1.2 need help.”

You can find the link here http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=398482

so you can refresh you memory or just see the copy and paste job below( it’s in red for easier reading). I see you already answered your own question. Hope i helped out


Sup everyone, so as we all know sorcs and BHs are getting nerfed hard, and Marauder is looking like the new OP class next patch. Is there anything I should know about the class before I start leveling? How does it play in pvp and pve? And are you overall happy with the class?


DecanAnderson – Fan Art

The ”Glitch/Cool/Funny Screen Shots” Official Thread