What To Do While The Servers Are Down: 1.2 Patch Edition

As always, we have our unashamedly biased suggestions for what to do whilst the servers are down and SWTOR has the organ transplant that is Patch 1.2:

1. Have a listen to our recently minted Episode 30 of Flash Point

2. Read our thoughts on why SWTOR will never jump the shark

3. Read Part 1 of our reader-driven SWTOR / BioWare story

4. Think about donating to an extremely worthwhile, Star Wars-related charity event

5. Try to kick-start our own Oceanic server forums


  1. I think folks should use some of this downtime to plan their family trees!

  2. Servers back online but the down load for the patch is running slow.  Was previously getting around 300-400KB/s about an hour ago, but now since they are back up getting around 80KB/s.

    Be prepared to wait for a bit for the update to get into the game.

  3. Patch download is SLOOOOW, I guess everyone is trying to download at the same time, probably get worse once the offical end of the server maintenance and the number of players trying to download increases

  4. Well the patch finaly installed, logged in the UI had re-set to default only three clicks(after some experimentation) and it’s back to what I likes, legacy is interesting some of the features discussed in the podcast work diffrently and some things I thought were “Unlocks” require payments.
    Had a bugged quest I suspected I had but that never showed up in my quest log, from 10  levels 3 planets ago and now rendered moot since the character involved was killed off in plot.

    Hopefully 1.2 will shine better through actual gameplay, well I’ll see tomorrow, night people.


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