Game Update 1.2 hits

Those cards at BioWare, after stating there’d be no patch on the 10th, have surprised us with an announcement of Patch 1.2 dropping this week a couple of day s later.

You can read the full details here, but the summary of the eight hour downtime is (with our own time conversions as BioWare’s seem to be out at times):

AEST: 3pm to 11pm Thursday 12th

AWST: 1pm to 9pm Thursday 12th

NZST: 5pm Thursday 12th to 1am on Fri 13th

So – who’s looking forward to 1.2?


  1. me 

  2. Any updates on AU transfers?

  3. Tim Buchalka says

    After playing it so much on the PTS yes I want it on our own aussie servers  🙂  Loking forward to it big time.

  4. No Ranked WZs either. EC better be good.

  5. ChrisMc_AU says

    Can’t wait for free server transfers. All my Imperial toons are on Space Slug, and there aren’t many Aussies there to play with. Might be a few more logging in to play with Legacy for a week or two.

    Hoping that with 1.2 finallised and out, that a more specific announcement about transfers will happen shortly.


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